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contemporary africa

British arrogance on Zimbabwe is shocking

The major problem with the West is that they have never ever questioned their shocking and primitive behaviour in their dealings with the different peoples on this planet. That is the major reason for their continued arrogance and ignorance. Hort http://www.talkzimbabwe.com/british-arrogance-on-zimbabwe-is-shocking-cms-459...

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How South Africans were conned

http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=1151765 How Africans were conned 15 June 2010 Motsoko Pheko RECENT eulogising and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Union of South Africa reflects an incurable pathological colonial mentality of...

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Slave museum to be built in Ghana

It’s about time. The worst holocaust on the planet and everything has been done to erase it from history. That is why Europeans have strategically called it the ‘triangular trade.’ They know that ‘trade’ and ‘holocaust’ evoke completely different things...

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