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Hollywood's Predatory Altruism

http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2010/sengupta040310.html Hollywood 's Predatory Altruism by Mitu Sengupta 6/3/2010 The unusually lengthy list of nominees for this year's Best Picture Oscar features a slew of do-gooder films about the suffering of others....

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Recovering Ancient Nigerian Art

http://www.vanguard ngr.com/2010/ 01/17/recovering -nigeria% e2%80%99s- terracotta/ Recovering Nigeria’s Terracotta by Kwame Opoku Jan 17, 2010 It is now five months since the issue of looted African terracotta was raised in connection with the exhibition...

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Dialogue among African languages

http://pambazuka. org/en/category/ features/ 59138 Dialogue among African languages The case for translation Ngugi wa Thiong’o 2009-10-01, Issue 450 'Translation is what enables the traffic of ideas between languages,‘ Ngugi wa Thiong’o writes in this...

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