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Ethnic cleansing in New Orleans

UN experts criticize New Orleans housing By JOHN MORENO GONZALES, AP Thu Feb 28,2008 Two human rights experts for the United Nations on Thursday criticized a federal plan to raze public housing projects in New Orleans, saying it will force the predominantly...

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China outdoes Europeans in Congo

China outdoes Europeans in Congo http://ipsnews. net/news. asp?idnews= 41125 by John Vandaele BRUSSELS, Feb 8 (IPS) - The massive deal that China signed with the Democratic Republic of Congo last year is not the "second colonisation" that some Europeans...

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The Many Forms of Racial Profiling

The Many Forms of Racial Profiling by Cathy Harris April 20, 2006 Prior to 9/11, racial profiling was frequently referred to as 'Driving While Black.' Now the practice can be more accurately characterized as driving, flying, walking, worshipping, shopping,...

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