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Don't Be a Buffalo Soldier

Unfortunately, this is a vain hope. Without black people as fodder, the West would not be able to wage any of its illegal wars. That is why they intentionally keep our people cooped up in ghettos, forced to earn their living from crime and drugs and then...

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O.J. Was Chopped & Screwed

http://weallbe.blogspot.com/2008/12/oj-was-chopped-screwed.html O.J. Was Chopped & Screwed… December 9, 2008 The Juice Is no longer loose and of use…The White power structure has finally caught him in a cup and put a lid on top that should contain him...

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Gaza: the logic of colonial power

Gaza: the logic of colonial power Nir Rosen Monday 29 December 2008 As so often, the term 'terrorism' has proved a rhetorical smokescreen under cover of which the strong crush the weak I have spent most of the Bush administration's tenure reporting from...

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How to celebrate Kwanzaa

How to celebrate Kwanzaa Kwanzaa, a holiday (or Holy Day) based upon the African tradition of celebrating the harvesting of the first fruits, was created and introduced for Black People in the United States by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966. Kwanzaa is the...

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