Slave museum to be built in Ghana

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It’s about time. The worst holocaust on the planet and everything has been done to erase it from history. That is why Europeans have strategically called it the ‘triangular trade.’ They know that ‘trade’ and ‘holocaust’ evoke completely different things in our minds.  Around 600 million African people died from this horrendous crime which lasted for 300 years. Compare that to the 8 million that died in Nazi Germany and then you will understand why they so want us to believe that it was a trade between Europe and Africa and why they consistently  reduce the figures.  However, the only people in Africa and the New World who were trading with Europeans were other Europeans , called settlers. They were trading with their mother colonies. Africans had absolutely nothing to do with it. They were the slaves, the victims, not the instigators of this unimaginable crime. We do know however, that millions died because the indigenous peoples of Australia and the New World were completely exterminated and today, Africa, not China, would have had the largest population on the planet, if this holocaust had not depopulated the continent. Hort

Slave museum to be built in Ghana
Jan 17, 2010

Plans are underway to build the first ever slave museum in Ghana to serve as a monument to the Transnational Slave Trade. The slave trade was one of the most dastardly acts of man’s inhumanity against fellow humans in the history of the world.

The plan to build the museum is being discussed between city experts in Liverpool, England and some local Ghanaian chiefs, the Liverpool Echo reports. Work on the the museum which will be located in Cape Coast in the Central region is expected to begin this year. According to the report, staff from the city’s International Slavery Museum pledged their aid following a visit from Professor Nana Ayensu and Nana Barima Kwame Nkyi who were in the UK to seek their help and advice before building the museum in Ghana.President Mills is aware of the plan to build the museum the report indicated.

A monument in the name of the slave trade is a good idea as it would constantly serve as a reminder of that devastating act which negative effect on the entire African continent can be found. Apart from serving as a grim reminder of the devastating effect of the trade which according to some scholars like Walter Rodney was no trade at all in the real sense, it will serve as a relevant and profitable tourist attraction.

Sadly, while the full story of the slave trade may never be known, the reality is that, the slave trade involved plunder, brutality and the gross abuse of the human rights of Africans.

The exact number of Africans shipped from the continent into slavery has never been known and probably would never be known. No one would ever know how many died or were brutally murdered on the high seas. There are however, various figures documented in some studies. According to H. Thomas, a Historian, during the period of the slave trade, at least 13 million Africans were illegally transported from the shores of West Africa to the Western Hemisphere. Of those 13 million, approximately 11, 328,000 were delivered to the New World, amounting to the trans-shipment murder of approximately 1, 672, 000 persons, or 13% of the cargo.

Read http://ghanabusines 2008/12/06/ how-the-slave- trade-stifled- africas-economy/ for more details.

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