1st world convention of spanish speaking panafricanists in La Paz Bolivia 1st-3rd May 2009

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Brothers and sisters as  many of you know, we want invite you to participate at this historical conference with our 150 million african sisters and brothers who speak spanish. The conference is calling intellectuals, youth, women, activists , grassroots and goverments to meet in La Paz Bolivia on 1-3 May 2009 and make a Pan-African World declaration. This conference is historical because it will give orientation to this movement in terms of Reparations and social justice. At the same time, president Morales who will open the convention is very excited with the Pan-African solidarity with the indigenous and bolivian democracy process. At the same time the conferece will pay tribute to sister Miriam Makeba  2009. Its our challenge and we are the maroons of the XXI century  and reparation is our responsability and Pan-Africanist is the key .


1st world convention

 of Pan-Africanist movement  in America and

Caribe from Marcus Garvey to Obama through Durban

La Paz Bolivia 1st-3rd May 2009

 Hall vice ministry of Foreign affairs

Panafricanista de Comunidades Negras en España

/ Móvil:0034696274330

 panafricanos@ gmail.com

Responsable: D. Abuy Nfubea


Coordinación Internacional en las Américas y el Caribe

Calle Loayza, Edif. Mariscal de Ayacucho piso 12 Of. 1205 Telf. / Fax. 591-2-2205396

· Casilla 9553. La Paz -.Bolivia

Correo electrónico: : jorgemedina_ bol@yahoo. com

Responsable: D. Jorge Medina Alfono

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