Jamaica and South Africa initiate cultural ties

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Jamaica and South Africa initiate cultural ties
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) -- A cultural agreement between South Africa and Jamaica was signed Monday at a press briefing in New Kingston. Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange, explained that the agreement is aimed at encouraging cooperation, as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and achievements between both countries in the fields of arts and culture.

"The agreement covers the arrangement of cultural exchanges, in which artistic people and/or groups including theatre groups, visual artists, actors, dancers, musicians, writers and journalists will participate in festivals, fairs and other events staged in each country, and the exchange of cultural professionals across institutions, " Miss Grange said.

"We have also agreed to promote co- productions in film, video and other audio visual works, and to collaborate on projects and programmes to enhance both our cultural industries," she said. She added that, as such, there is agreement to share information regarding cultural industries, including natural history, art and craft, and to encourage greater participation in the activities of cultural institutions, especially in relation to documentation, studies and research.

In relation to studies and research, greater cooperation will be encouraged between institutions of higher learning and research institutes. The agreement also presents opportunities for both countries to learn and to improve the quality of life of both peoples.

"Jamaica is desirous of promoting neutral knowledge and understanding of our respective intellectual and artistic achievements, as well as our history and way of life through friendly cooperation, shared agendas and cultural dialogue," Grange said.

In her remarks, Minister of Culture of South Africa, Lulama Xingwana, stated that the agreement is anchored in the historic ties that go back to the struggle against Apartheid. "It is also an agreement where we want to further consolidate and strengthen the ties and the bonds that were initiated, and also the solidarity and friendship that has been part and parcel of our history, and we believe that we have a great opportunity to do this through cultural exchanges, cooperation and advocacy work," she said. She also stated that South Africa, as a leading player in Africa, will be in a greater position to consolidate interaction in terms of developing a cultural policy with Jamaica, which is playing a leading role in the African Diaspora.

Minister Xingwana arrived in Jamaica on Saturday and departed Monday. Her visit follows discussions with the Minister Grange, who visited South Africa in September to participate in the World Summit of Arts and Culture.

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