For Slaves Who Don't Know That They Are Slaves

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How come you have been the busiest and the hardest workers from generation to generation, for over 500 years on Hell plantation,and yet today the vast majority of you are little more than SQUATTERS and Concrete Nomads, living from rent to rent on the land of your enslavement, and there is no place that you can call your own? YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE BUSIEST AND THE HARDEST WORKERS ON THE PLANTATION .

 From dawn till dusk, from sun-up till sun-down, from 8 till 4, from 9 till 5, from century to century till this present day, you have been FORCED AND COMPELLED BY SEEN AND UNSEEN FORCES to build another man’s house. And yet at the beginning of the twenty-first century the vast majority of you scotch in someone else’s house on someone-else’s land, because there is no place that you can call your own.


Even when you think you own your house you do so at the expense of LIFE-LONG SERVICE TO THE PLANTATION and if you dare take a break, the real owner will show up at your gate and you will have to hurriedly evacuate. LOOK AT YOUR SELF AND ARISE FROM YOUR STUPOR. Arise and look at the shepherds that lead you like blind sheep, and ask yourself why they do not speak this truth about your continuing enslavement. They are either blind sheep too or they are collaborators because it is profitable to collaborate with the master.


Your parents, your uncles, your aunts, your cousins, your grandfathers and your grandmothers and their parents and their grandparents have always been THE BUSIEST AND THE HARDEST WORKERS ON THE PLANTATION , generation after generation after generation. And still today you own nowhere and yet you say that slavery is a thing of the past. Look around at all the construction that is going on, look at all the buildings that are going up to the sky and ask your-self who owns them. Look around and take a careful assessment of EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU DEPEND ON and ask yourself who owns it all. Why is it that after five hundred years of hard labor you still do not own and control THE MOST VITAL NECESSITIES THAT YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON?



Do you really understand what is slavery?

 Slavery is a condition where you are FORCED AND COMPELLED every day to build another man’s wealth, and your LABOR and your STRENGTH, and your TIME on earth do not contribute to your own progress.


Yesterday the forces that compelled you were clear and visible and very physical. Today the forces that drive and compel you are unseen to the physical eye, but if you study the economic matrix that governs your life you will see how you are still being driven, still being forced, and still being compelled to labor in an evil  system where somebody else gets wealthy and you barely get enough to keep you working till you die.


So if today after five hundred years of hard labor you still do not own and control anything, not even the very basic necessities that your life depends on, then it is because you are either CURSED OR ENSLAVED. It has to be one or the other. Please take a reality check and ask yourself which one it is.


The slave-master has tricked you by placing a righteous cloak on the system of evil. He has enlisted the help of “MEN OF THE CLOTH” to blindfold you with superstition and SPIRIT-ISM so that your eyes will not see the stark naked truth of your present reality.


He has deceived you by constantly parading before your eyes the very small minority of fatted Negroes that he has deliberately fattened with wealth. These are the SMOKE-SCREEN NEGROES who are used to contradict the truth of the bondage that keeps down the vast majority. These are used to feed you the story that there are no chains and no restrictions on your progress, because according to their mantra “IF I DID IT ANYBODY CAN DO IT”. It is time to think. Ask yourself why something that anybody can do is only accomplished by a very small minority, despite the fact that the vast majority have been sweating, working, laboring, trying, and dying for centuries without ever accomplishing the thing that anybody can do.


If hard work is supposed to pay how come from generation to generation the hardest workers have still gotten nowhere? How come every new generation of Black children rises up to find the same LANDLESS-NESS and the same POWERLESS-NESS and they are still saddled with RENT TO PAY?


In the natural order of things every generation builds on the accomplishments of past generations. If each new generation is still landless and still powerless it has to be because the accomplishments of fathers and forefathers continue to benefit someone else.


Ask yourself how come the vast majority of you live on a string from rent to rent in uncertainty and total vulnerability so that if the white man catches a cold you are the first to die? Did Katrina not uncover the truth of your powerless hand to mouth reality? But you have been DOMESTICATED like a cat or a dog and that is why you question not your present-day slave reality. You have been domesticated and indoctrinated to come to terms with and accept the official rationale for continued slavery. And that is why in the midst of your bondage you will not accept that it is slavery unless the slave-master tells you that it is slavery, or unless the Church tells you that it is slavery, or unless the University tells you that it is slavery. And that is because you cannot see that every institution on a slave plantation is part of the apparatus of slavery and slave-master dominion.



Just for one moment, look away from the small minority that fill the parade of “successful Blacks” and look at the vast majority. Look at the totality of their condition, and if your eyes are truly open, you will be forced to conclude that they are indeed EITHER CURSED OR ENSLAVED.


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