Introduction to Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT)

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Intro to Grand Unified Theorem GAGUT ( Part 1)


Waves are all around us and we don't even realize their significance. We will start diving into the actual theorem conclusions. This clip will provide an overview as to how GAGUT relates to the traditional theories of "the beginning" of the universe. It will show IN LAYMEN'S TERMS how gagut unites them all in a unique way and will serve as a primer to the Khemistry Black Magic clip #2.

Taken from GAGUT: Introduction to the African Science of the Universe documentary directed by Minister Clemson Brown. This documentary is highly recommended for any who wants to get an intro to GAGUT: God's Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (truth). Introduces you to the African Origins of Science.

For more exclusive footage on GAGUT, check out .

For more information about Professor Gabriel Oyibo, or books/tapes/workshops on the Grand Unified Theorem, visit the OFAPPIT Institute of Technology (OITech) at


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