The Vampires of Consciousness

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The Vampires of Consciousness (Part 1)

Reverend Phil Valentine lectures on the history of Christianity. An excellent video which exposes the lies that Christianity has used for the last 3000 years in order to dominate the world. In the coming years, there are going to be a whole lot of angry black people on this planet as one lie after another is revealed and they come to realize that they have been hoodwinked. African people should have known instinctively that any book produced by the slave master is not only a lie, but evil. I wonder if that is the reason Obama has been chosen to be the next US president. It is known the world over that only black people can achieve peace and reconciliation from inhuman and intolerable situations and that is going be a necessary quality in future as information technology educates the ignorant masses. For example, only a Mandela, a Martin Luther King or a Desmond Tutu  could have prevented racial bloodbath in South Africa and the US. Compare their solutions to those of Christopher Columbus, Napoleon Bonaparte, King Leopold  and Hitler, and it is very easy to see why the American ruling class believes that Obama is a better candidate than McCain or Clinton in today’s complex and changing world. Hort

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