The Effeminization of the Black Man

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The Effeminization of the Black Man (where it began) (Part l of a 14 part documentary) just click on Youtube to continue viewing different sections

The sex imperative

Gay black men on the low (this Jerry Springer video clip is not for the faint hearted, but I have included it to emphasize why our race really does need to go back to our African roots to look for guidance and direction) .

Conspiracy of silence (US politicians paedophile ring)

Since the West has not been able to convince African people to adopt a one child policy like they did with the Chinese, nor have they succeeded in reducing African populations in spite of the aids hoax, their new strategy is to simply make more black men and boys effeminate in order to achieve their goal. Psychologists tell us that peodophiles and homosexuals perpetuate the same behaviour they suffered in childhood, that is why it is the responsibility of every African man and woman to protect our innocent children from these vicious predators. The African community worldwide must wake up and realize that our young children have been targeted and are in grave danger. Please distribute widely after viewing. Hort


Haiti a haven for pedophile peacekeepers 
Sep 17, 2008

A former top aide to ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide told WMR that the plight of Haiti's children, already imperiled after three successive devastating hurricanes -- Gustav, Hanna, and Ike -- has worsened as a result of the benign attitude of the Haitian government of President Rene Preval and the United Nations peacekeeping authorities over sexual exploitation of children by peacekeeping troops and aid workers. The situation has not improved, according to the source, even after Save the Children issued in June an alarming report titled "No One To Turn To" on the sexual exploitation of children in Haiti and other countries by peacekeepers and aid workers. The stark account of one 15-year old Haitian girl is but one of many documented by Save the Children:"My friends and I were walking by the National Palace one evening when we encountered a couple of humanitarian men. The men called us over and showed us their penises. They offered us 100 Haitian gourdes (US$2.80) and some chocolate if we would suck them. I said no, but some of the girls did it and got the money."


Another young Haitian girl recounted: "There is a place not far from here where I go to visit my relatives.The men call to me in the streets and they ask me to go with them. But I don't go. They do this with all of us young girls. I have a few friends that have gone to bed with them. Some of them are asked to give them a lesbian show, and they are paid for that." Save the Children documented 23 humanitarian, peacekeeping, and security organizations involved with the sexual abuse of children, particularly the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO).


Although the report mentions Britain, Canada, France, and Italy as countering child exploitation by peacekeepers and humanitarian workers, the United States in noticeably absent in the receipt of praise. The U.S. State Department has not only been lax in combating child sexual exploitation but has been actively engaged, with CIA officials, in promoting child prostitution for both the entertainment of visiting Congressional delegations (CODELs) from Washington and entrapping government officials in blackmail.

In addition, a number of foreign service personnel have not been investigated for engaging in sex with minors and have been transferred from one diplomatic post to another within areas such as South East and South Asia that are hotbeds for child sexual exploitation.

Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte's own conflict-of-interest in this matter has been steadfastly ignored by the State Department Inspector General and federal law enforcement. WMR's attempt to obtain a list of all CODELs to South East Asia from 1996 to the present has met with resistance from Congress and the Congressional Research Service.

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