Dissident doctors speak out about the myth of aids

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Dr Charles Geshekter  (speaking about the myth of aids in Africa)

Dr David Crowe  (speaking about the myth of aids) 

Thank goodness doctors are speaking out about the great Aids hoax as it's  time to put this nonsensical myth to rest. I have never understood how a sexually transmitted disease only affects homosexuals and intravenous drug users in the Western countries but heterosexuals in Africa!! It's one of the most ludicrous ideas I've ever heard. Furthermore, how could people be dying from Aids if they have firstly, never identified the HIV virus and secondly; have never detected the virus in sperm?  Finally, how could Africans be dying from Aids if  they have never been tested for the virus?  Ignorance is also a powerful weapon.

These videos should be circulated as widely as possible
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