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EU tightens toxic shipment rules

EU tightens toxic shipment rules New rules intended to stop toxic waste getting dumped in developing countries have come into force across the EU. The step follows the dumping last year of waste in Ivory Coast by a Dutch-chartered ship, which caused 16...

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Le tri des étrangers en France

Le tri des étrangers http://www.gisti.org/spip.php?article946 Quand, en 2006, à l’occasion de la réforme de la politique française d’immigration, le ministre de l’intérieur Nicolas Sarkozy s’est fait le chantre des notions d’« immigration choisie » et...

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FBI helped frame 4 men for murder

Judge: FBI helped frame 4 men for murder By DENISE LAVOIE, Associated Press Thu Jul 26, 2007 The FBI helped frame four men for a 1965 murder and withheld information that could have cleared them, a federal judge ruled Thursday in ordering the government...

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Fear, not Freedom, for Irak

U.S. officials say Iraq gripped by fear By ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press Iraq is a nation gripped by fear and struggling to meet security and political goals by September, U.S. officials said Thursday from Baghdad, dashing hopes in Congress that the...

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