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Slavery by Another Name

http://www.miamiherald.com/living/columnists/leonard-pitts/story/614324.html You think slavery ended in 1865? By Leonard Pitts Jr. Jul. 23, 2008 This is how John Davis became a slave: He was walking one evening from the train depot in Goodwater, Ala.,...

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No White Hero, No Movie (en français)

Lire en français http://horte.over-blog.fr/article- 21773464.html African people in entertainment please take note. White actors/actresses do not just accept any role in our films. If it doesn’t portray them in a positive light, they refuse it. They do...

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Pan-Africanism: A New Approach

http://www.newera. com.na/page. php?id=7980 Pan-Africanism: A New Approach By Paul Tuhafeni Shipale Friday, 4th of July 2008 Introduction In my capacity as a self-confessed Pan-Africanist, I would like to participate in the debate about xenophobia versus...

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