The Masses are not falling for the Swine flu propaganda

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We must be careful about this so called swine flu epidemic. Ii is just another experiment to try out new vaccines, thus helping the pharmaceutical companies and at the same time keep the world population in permanent fear. The AIDS scare tactic ( didn't they say that Africa would be wiped out by the beginning of 2000) has not worked so now they have introduced another so called plague. The H1N1 swine flu. However, Instead of taking their vaccine, the best thing to do would be to eat properly so that our immune systems stay strong. Remember, our ancestors lived on this planet for millennia without putting any chemicals in their body. Africans were in such good health that Europeans built ships in the 15th century to go and kidnap them and take them to the new world. They invested in Africans because they were in excellent health. We need to return to the ways of healing of our ancestors. Let's not fall for their scare tactics, nor their propaganda. It hasn't worked with Aids, and it will not work with the swine flu either.  They are probably preparing the propaganda for the next fake epidemic at this very moment. Hort

WHO ISSUES H1N1 SWINE FLU PROPAGANDA: Reports BigPharma Is Testing "Mock" Viruses in Vaccines

September 6, 2009

  Los Angeles--The World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading propaganda like the flu to convince people that "live" new, genetically-engineered, "mock" influenza viruses in vaccines are safe. 

On August 6, 2009, following news that more than half the world's health professionals will refuse vaccinations this fall, the WHO issued a
directive to governments to reassure people the new flu vaccines, still being tested, are "safe." A major U.S. media blitz followed featuring Barack Obama telling Americans to get vaccinated, and network broadcasts maligning vaccination opponents."From the White House to, H1N1 swine flu vaccine promoters and promotions, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, are serving 'BigPharma' advancing a genocidal agenda," reports public health expert and media analyst, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. "Dismissing harmful vaccine side effects that may sicken millions of people following injections of immune-system intoxicating chemicals, heavy metals, viral proteins, and foreign genetic materials reflects gross criminal malfeasance," he says.

 A WHO expert committee defended its global vaccination program writing, "Special safety issues will inevitably arise . . . when vaccine is administered on a massive scale," but "manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called 'mock-up' vaccine."   Mock-up vaccines are made from live genetically-engineered viruses that spread like the flu after injection. So the threatening pandemic may include genetic parts, and whole new viruses, from these new laboratory produced pathogens. "Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus," the WHO wrote.  "For all we know, deadly avian and Spanish flu viruses unearthed by vaccine companies is 'mocked-up' in these vaccines," Dr. Horowitz commented. "You literally need 'national security clearance' to get the full ingredients list."   This "mock-up" ingredient is being used, WHO officials explained, to "greatly expedite regulatory approval" of the vaccines that will not be tested for long-term side effects, including cancer and autoimmune diseases, since millions of people are urged to receive the vaccines by fall. "In other words," Dr. Horowitz explains, "Rockefeller family holdings that analysts call 'BigPharma' have activated Rupert Murdoch's media to get people inoculated, intoxicated, and exterminated."

Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard University trained emerging diseases expert and world-leading critic of drug industry-influenced government cites NBC's Dateline as proof. On August 30th, "Dose of Controversy" aired to discredit those who say that vaccines are risky. NBC featured dishonored Lancet author Dr. Andrew Wakefield who published possible links between skyrocketing rates of autism in children and the MMR vaccine.
  "By exclusively targeting Dr. Wakefield, an MMR vaccine industry competitor," Dr. Horowitz wrote NBC's Executive Producer, David Corvo ( 212-664-4850), "your program completely neglected the growing majority of health professionals who believe all vaccines pose serious risks, are often deadly, and are grossly inferior to advancing silver hydrosols in safety and efficacy. Every interviewee in "Dose of Controversy" favored vaccines, degrading your program to sheer propaganda, and evidencing NBC's prostitution for the drug cartel."

 NBC obviously generates mega-bucks advertising drugs. "So the kettle called Wakefield black for filing a vaccine patent of his own, and taking $750K to represent families of autistic children in courts. The network, like mainstream media in general, was as objective as cats telling rats to beware of mouse traps," Dr. Horowitz chides. NBC's dirty work was done by Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine patent holder whose name tells more about his lethal operations than did NBC. Brian Deer, a British journalist that The Sunday Times used to attack Wakefield, was Offit's co-star.
NBC neglected to report The Times of London makes more money from advertising drugs than any British periodical, while its owner, Rupert Murdoch, is David Rockefeller's co-chairman in Partnership for New York City (PNYC). The PNYC engages The New York City Bioscience Initiative ( with many collaborating companies engaged in vaccine research and development.

The New York Times
is also owned by Murdoch, who sits on the board of directors of Associated Press, that Dr. Horowitz has exposed as a virtual mouthpiece for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA, that oversees all infectious disease agencies in the U.S. according to the Washington Post, evolved from the
Office for Strategic Services (OSS) directed by the Rockefellers whose associates largely control health science today.* 

The UN's WHO was established by the Rockefeller family's foundation in 1948--the year after the same Rockefeller cohort established the CIA. Two years later the
Rockefeller Foundation established the U.S. Government's National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health (NIH), and earlier, the nation's Public Health Service (PHS).** In the United States, the NIH, PHS, and the AAP have incestuous relationships with BigPharma in denying mercury toxicity, minimizing vaccination risks, and promoting vaccination policies.

Dr. Offit, a prideful spokesman for the AAP, and co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, claims he "saves 2,000 children a day." In "Dose of Controversy," he made no mention of his substantial financial support from the
Rockefeller Foundation that funds the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).NBC failed to disclose Offit's leadership in AAP that, along with the Rockefeller Foundation, is exempt from disclosing financial ties to Offit and other vaccine researchers and patent holders. Nor did NBC disclose how many children Offit's vaccine kills daily from toxic side effects of heavy metals, harsh chemicals, autoimmune disease-generating proteins, and carcinogenic genes from viruses used to make his vaccine. He could not offer this information because health officials grossly neglect collecting and disseminating of this data. NBC also neglected the AAP's role in covering up the Verstraeten et al. 2000 report--a CDC-sponsored study that slam-dunked vaccine mercury as definitively linked to neurobehavioral disorders in children. This blue-ribbon panel of government experts' findings were initially suppressed; then significantly modified before publication, so the AAP and Offit can conveniently claim no evidence links mercury to autism.

  "Dose of Controversy" gave only the slightest passing mention of this most controversial topic in vaccine history--Thimerosal mercury. By the time children receive all 36 vaccines that Dr. Offit and the AAP recommends, it is now known that children's bodies contain more mercury than allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--a toxic dose." A lasting image of controlled opposition in "Dose of Controversy," Dr. Horowitz remarks, was NBC's showing celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey marching for "Green Vaccines."   How do you 'green' weapons of mass destruction like nerve gas, nuclear bombs, or 'mock-up' vaccines that spread unnatural pandemics of cancer and flu?" Dr. Horowitz asks, stunned by the genocidal aspects of vaccinations spreading diseases like AIDS and Guillain-Barre.  "The WHO is now telling us to accept releases of 'mock viruses'--live new strains of H1N1, and other laboratory engineered bioweapons. This is all done in the name of 'public health' and infection prevention--precisely why concentration camp victims during WWII consented to take 'showers.'"

 Dr. Horowitz celebrates recent reports that health professionals are refusing the new flu vaccines, and encourages people everywhere to do likewise. "The mass mind is awakening to rejecting vaccinations," he says optimistically. "It's a great day for humanity when BigPharma's 'sacred cow' is buried like its billion victims."  





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