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New book about Nkrumah launched 

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Professor Kofi Awoonor, Chairman of the Council of State, on Wednesday launched a book titled 'Nkrumah for Young Reader's in Accra. The book compiled by the Socialist Forum of Ghana offers the youth the opportunity to appreciate the life and struggle of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and also his involvement in the fight against neo-colonialism. Speaking at the event, Prof Awoonor said Nkrumah did not only seek to free Ghana from exploitation but also fought against imperialism and neo-colonialism on the African continent and other continents who suffered from such evils.

According to him, the book highlights the dreams and ambitions Dr Nkrumah had to unite Africa and other continents that were under the yoke of imperialism. He urged the youth to patronize the book and read it since the book had the right contents to guide them into the world of the greatest African of the Millennium.

Dr Nii Lantey Blankson, who spoke on behalf of the Publishers Association, said Ghanaians were suffering from inferiority complex and loosing hope in ourselves because "we hardly understand the philosophies of Nkrumah."He said the book would help "us regain our lost confidence because it is based on the plans and policies of Dr Nkrumah to identify and solve the problems on the African continent."

Dr Yao Graham, Third World Network, who reviewed the book, said the launch of the book symbolized the beginning of the volume of work the Nkrumist needed to do to enable the youth know the true historical facts about Nkrumah.
He urged all Nkrumists to take it as a challenge to set the records straight by showing the elementary facts and philosophies of Nkrumah.

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