Mau Mau to go to UK to file lawsuit against British government

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Mau Mau fighters leave for Britain
By Nation

Thursday, June 18 2009

Five freedom fighters will leave for London tonight to file a lawsuit against the British government over atrocities suffered in the 1950s.The two women and three men will accompany their lawyers Ann Kariithi and Gitobu Imanyara to seek reparation for the suffering they underwent in the hands of the former colonial master during the emergency period in the 1950s and 60s. The lawyers will be joined by Mr Paul Muite who left the country earlier and their UK-based solicitors, Leigh Day & Co.


Most of the cases were said to have been carried out by rogue British officers from orders which were sanctioned at the highest levels of their government. Britain, however, denied the claims in 2007 saying they have no such records. The five Mau Mau fighters will represent their colleagues and children of fellow fighters who have died.

The lawsuit will be filed on June 23.

Grossly violated

If successful, the suit would lead to the compensation of the surviving Mau Mau fighters who claim their rights were grossly violated by the British government after the emergency period. Kenya Human Rights Commission’s Muthoni Wanyeki, says 40 gross human rights violations, like torture, against the freedom fighters, have been documented.

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