Why the Malawian gov. MUST STOP "giving away" our children

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Why the Malawi Gov MUST STOP this PUBLICISED "giving away of our Black children"

L. Gilbert

Dear Sirs,


Malawi is making headlines in the Western mainstream media about the artist Madonna adoption quest for a little girl reported as an orphan.


As a Black person whose ancestors were deported out of Africa and enslaved while their parents, family and friends were mostly told and convinced that they would be offered a better life, I am appalled that the Malawian government does not firmly oppose this tricky continuation of the deculturation of Black people through the

destruction of their self representation.


You have certainly heard of the story of those stolen aboriginal children forcibly taken away at an early age from their villages by would-be Samaritans who claimed to offer them a better life, while in fact the children were deprived of their loved ones and uprooted from their culture. Please refer to this Australian parliament motion for more information, http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/PARLMENT/hansArt.nsf/V3Key/LA19970522029


More recently you heard how  Zoe's Ark tried to dupe African fathers and mothers in Chad through the use of a charity whose name was taken after the name of a six-year-old girl orphaned by the tsunami which devastated the island of Aceh in Indonesia. The children were reported as orphans in the western media while they had one or both of their parents; those parents reluctantly accepted to be separated for a while from their beloved ones when they were told they would be offered education  closeby for a few months. They started to oppose  this separation when they learned that their children were to be taken to a far region in Chad. And when they learned that their beloved ones would be brought to France they stood up firmly against this tricky "humanicide" aid.


Dears Sirs, you must stand like one Black person and bring this PUBLICISED "giving away of our children" to an end. It is your responsibility as Ministers to give our children the opportunity to succeed in their natural environment with their beloved ones. If Madonna or whoever really wants to help our people, then they must help in Africa, not out of Africa. They must not fuel this "dream of the outside world" in our young people's mind, they must neither deprive fricans of Africa nor deprive Africa of Africans.


Say it to the world that we love our children and that we care for them. care for the children of Malawi, do care for the children of Africa!


Faithfully African.

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