Mentacide: How can African people put a stop to it?

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2 Quotes from Dr Wright to begin:

"One of the most difficult tasks of a Black scholar is to analyze the influence of racism on Black behavior and attitudes, and, at the same time, escape the almost irresistible protective barrier of Western scholarship, "the analysis of the victim." This "analysis of the victim" methodology (which involves seeing the victim as the cause of his own problems) has been a major "scientific" development of White scientists because it effectively leads away from the cause of Blacks’ condition-White pathology. As a result some take the position that the Black masses should not be informed of our truly weak condition for fear of immobilization ( a situation which already exists). Others deny that Whites have any power over Blacks at all. The confusion is caused by the powerful, yet subtle, White concept of "free will." This concept insists that because people always have choices, they can be held responsible for their behavior." -Dr. Bobby E. Wright E.


"Most behavioral scientists attest to the fact that situations can be contrived in a manner that will influence people to engage in self-destructive behavior. Further, once it is determined that such a condition caused the behavior, the focus of attention shifts from the victim to the perpetrator-except where Blacks are involved..... What is popularly called "behavior modification" is a highly complex "science" which is underrated and generally ignored by Black behavioral scientists. Yet, any Black with a cursory knowledge of B.F. Skinner’s "experimental analysis of behavior" should recognize its potential danger to our community, where every situation is under the control of the White race. It also clearly defines the Black community as still enslaved. The prophesy of B.F. Skinner (1971) in Beyond Freedom and Dignity is now a reality. Skinner articulated that it is possible to "delude" people into believing that they have the essence of life-freedom and dignity-and still control them." -Dr. Bobby E. Wright

I would also recommend watching Yale University's free online psychology course where the ideas of Freud, Skinner and others are developed. We can then see why it is so important to understand black psychology. Just click on this link to listen

The Concept of Mentacide and Dr. Bobby Wright

By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill

August 29, 2008


 So many of the problems that African people face in the world today are due to the assault on our minds by those who captured us and removed significant numbers of us to the western hemisphere. This also included the mind damage caused by the tampering of African lands and culture on the continent of Africa.


 Most African people in America are aware that our minds were tampered with as a result of our forced capture and enslavement in America. The impact of this process is central to the international component of the Reparations Movement that we must focus on, and that is the “Repair of Ourselves” at the same time we demand reparations from the government and private corporations who benefited from our enslavement and still benefit today. Examining and reexamining the contributions of the late Dr. Bobby Wright provides a significant source we can utilize in addressing our “internal reparations” challenges.The contributions of the late Dr. Bobby E. Wright in helping us assess this problem should be a continuous part of our study, and reflection, as we struggle to break the psychological chains of white supremacy.          


Four years before Dr. Wright’s untimely death he wrote a profound article entitled, “Mentacide: The Ultimate Threat To The Black Race.” In defining “Mentacide,” Dr. Wright explains that it is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a person’s or group’s mind [which] may give a clue to why the Black race, after developing such an advanced civilization, has for the last 400 years been assisting in its own destruction and the nearly total subjugation of Africa by foreign invaders.”


In an earlier work, written in 1975 by Dr. Wright, entitled The Psychopathic Racial Personality, he stated that in the relationships of whites with Blacks “whites exhibit the behavior of psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity that is rooted deep in their evolutionary history.” Dr. Wright says, “Mentacide is the ultimate goal of the behavior.” Any cursory examination of history will bear out, and support, the following “incomparable traits” of the white race (Europeans) that Dr. Wright reveals in terms of 1) Predatory behavior toward people and their land, 2) A predilection for senseless destruction of nature and people, and 3) The ability to persuade Blacks to support and protect them against their own interest.”


These key points described by Dr. Wright concerning the continued oppressive psychological condition of African people in the world indicates to me that our biggest challenge as a people is that of Getting Our Minds Straight and Stopping Mentacide! Getting Our Minds Straight requires that African people begin to relearn the African principle that renowned historian Dr. Anderson Thompson has been discussing for the last twenty plus years. According to Dr. Thompson, the “African Principle represents those standards, rules, laws, and customs which guide our behavior and which serve as the foundation for all of our action.”


Dr. Thompson continues by explaining that the African Principle “is the quality underlying the source of the African value system. The gift from our Creator passes on to us through our ancestors.” At this juncture in history, we as African people have the capacity to, Straighten Our Own Minds Out, without the help of anyone outside the African Community.


One of the ways we can collectively begin this process of implementing the African Principle is to continue the organizing spirit generated by the Million Man March called by Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam on October 16, 1995 in Washington, D.C.The entire African World Community embraced this self-determining event and provided the vital spark we needed as a people to begin collectively implementing the African Principle wherever we are. Through the spirit generated by this momentous occasion, we have put together, and institutionalized major networks throughout the African world, designed to focus in on our major problems as a people. These networks are rooted in our efforts to break the cycle of Mentacide that, once again, Dr. Wright says is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a person’s or group’s mind.”


It must be understood that Africa and African people have been under siege for more that 2,000 years by Europeans, Asians, and Arabs. The invasions, intrusions, thefts, murders, pillaging, and the decimation and destruction of African lands, bodies, minds, and spirits over these 2,000 years is the basis for our on-going struggle for African Liberation worldwide.

In our efforts to Straighten Out Our Minds, the following revelation by Dr. Wright should be understood, and internalized, by all African people.
Dr. Wright reveals that, “It is very clear that the Europeans have developed a method whose basic purpose is to replace all indigenous cultures with their own… Therefore, the Europeans, without any historical precedent, went forth into the civilized world and began to impose their cultures on others, mainly through religion, literacy modalities and military force.”


All roads lead to our unity. We must work together in organizing and mobilizing African people in America. All of our organizing strategies must lead to Getting Our Minds Straight and Stopping Mentacide. Without this occurring, we will continue in our present state of mental stagnation and servitude to other people.

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