The Roots of White Agression: the Iceman Inheritance

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The Roots of White Agression (part 1)


No one can deny that people of European descent are the most violent people on the planet. Their history for the last 3,000 years is a history littered with only death and destruction. There is no historical record of Europeans going to another land and bringing peace with them, although they have often been holding a so called peaceful book, the bible, in their hands and proclaiming very loudly that they want peace. Even today, the most advanced western country, America, spends more money on weapons of war than on education or health while it continues its rhetoric of peace and democracy. As African people have often borne the brunt of this violence, some of our scholars have tried to determinine where the roots of white violence stems from. For example, the works of Doctors. Cress Wesling, Ani Marimba and Bobby Wright come immediately to mind, but more of our young people need to study psychology and psychiatry because I believe that it is African people who will eventually help white people not only to understand their pathology but also help to heal them. Europeans have studied every ethnic group on this planet except themselves, however, in this video, author, Michael Bradley, a ‘southern redneck white’ as he calls himself, tries to explain where white aggression comes from.  He argues that it is becuse Europeans evolved in a glacial environment, which accounts for their aggression, their misoginy and their abnormal behavior  regarding sex and reproduction. Strangely enough, it is the people who consider themselves "god’s chosen people", who he considers to be the most violent. Another very interesting video. Hort

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