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The falsification of African consciousness by Dr.Amos Wilson

African people should always have a book in their hands because as the world's first literate people and the inventors of writing, our oppressor has done everything to make us ignorant and continues to ensure that we remain ignorant.  There is even a piece circulating on the internet that black people don't read and that the surest way to keep something hidden from them is to put it in a book. Some of us do read, however, and one of the scholars who has tried to enlighten African people is the eminent scholar and sociologist, Dr. Amos Wilson. He has been placed high on my list of authors because his  wisdom is always so encapsulating. Just click on the link above and listen to someone doing a wonderful job of encouraging our people to read Dr.Amos Wilson's books, which by the way, I have all read.  Hort

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