European Holidays

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Some years ago I remembered asking one of my students what his son wanted Santa Claus to bring him for Christmas. He promptly replied that his son, who was 7 at the time, was choosing his own gift for the first time that year. In fact, the older boys at school had revealed to his son, that Father Christmas was nothing more than a myth and a lie and that it was really his mommy and daddy who placed his present under the Christmas tree while he was asleep on Christmas Eve. His son no longer believed the lie he had been told from birth and so his parents could no longer pretend. That’s the problem.with truth, once it’s discovered, you can’t pretend anymore. But would you believe that this little boy had reached a stage that millions of African people around the world have yet to reach? Because African people were enslaved and colonized they are the biggest believers of myth and fantasy on this planet. We were told a lie from the day we were enslaved and we stubbornly adhere to that lie to this very day. As I write, most of my family and friends are preparing to celebrate the biggest hoax of all time; the Jesus myth. The problem with lies is that once you start, it’s impossible to stop and this is the dilemma which the West finds itself in today because having lied from day one, they can't stop now . The financial crisis, the Maddox fraud, the subprime scandal, the illegal war in Iraq, is symptomatic of a society that has been founded on lies,fantasy and crime. Yet, black people continue to hold the bible as ‘gods holy word,???’ although they know deep within themselves that it is nothing more than another bared faced lie, made up by their slavemaster and they are going to spend billions of dollars again this christmas, which they can ill afford during these difficult financial times, to celebrate it. That is why talking about reparations without putting religion, which has wreaked the most damage on the African mind at the top of the list, is in my opinion, complete nonsense. In these 2 short clips, Pastor Ray Hagins explains how much damage religious fraud has done to African people.

 As Professor Barashango so clearly explains in this video, we are the only people who celebrate the same holidays as our conqueror. Most of our people do not even know why and where these holidays originated, nor do they care, since the bible advises them to ‘only believe.’ Yet, African people need to think about the origins and the reasons they celebrate these holidays, because not only will it help save them a lot of money, it will also help them understand why it is so essential for them to continue believing in Santa Claus, Christmas,  Easter and all the other holidays that we so blindly celebrate.

One of the major reasons is of course economic. The capitalist system can only work if the poor plough every penny they earn back into the system. Religion was invented to ensure that it gets its hand on 10% of the measly pittance of the poor..That is why all church members must pay tithes. But just in case the poor have any ideas about lifting themselves out of poverty, a host of other holidays have been invented so that they consume every penny they earn. This guarantees that the capitalist system always has a steady pool of available workers who can be easily exploited. No wonder their bible states ‘that the poor will be with us always’. Under this kind of set up, why should we be surprised that the poor still haven't lifted themselves out of poverty. This Christmas, why not follow the example of that 7 year old boy who chose to believe the truth rather than fantasy and give yourself the best Christmas present ever, by watching this exellent video and learning why African people should not celebrate our conquerors holidays. For those who would dispute that they are still conquered, I will let professor Amos Wilson, one of Africa’s greatest thinkers, answer you in this short clip.


I leave you with a quote from another one of Africa’s great historians, Professor John Henrik Clark, who said, “What the European has forgotten and has made his victims forget, is that over half of human history was over before most of the people of Africa and Asia knew that a European was in the world. The emergence of Europeans or white people as the handlers of world power and their abilitiy to convince millions of people that this is the way things should be, is the greatest single propaganda miracle in history”. Listed below you will find more information to help you in your search to discover the truth. Please forward to your friends and family after viewing since ignorance is never bliss. Hort


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