The three major religions exposed

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The three major religions exposed


Another excellent video to free the enslaved and brainwashed mind of a people who have been brutalized in the most awful manner.  Professor Walter Williams's version of religion, in my opinion, is the closest we have to reality because his version matches what I have observed in the business world perfectly. This is a quote from an article I wrote some time ago called 'the racial division of labour in the economic system'

"Dr Walter Williams has said that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all recent inventions and I totally agree with him. I know a lot of people are going to get upset because they are convinced that the bible story is fact, but religion is simply a tool that the western capitalist invented to keep the poor and exploited masses on the planet passive in order to keep the capitalist system running smoothly. If people were simply exploited without any hope of changing their circumstances, they would revolt and destroy the very system that the capitalist wishes to maintain. So, the capitalist has to resort to myth and fantasy in order to prolong the system."  Hort

Books to read by Professor Walter Williams
The historical origin of Christianity
The historical origin of Islam



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