Baba Amefika Geuka on Pres. Elect-Barack Obama

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Baba Amefika Geuka on Pres. Elect-Barack Obama (Part1) To continue viewing, click on the Youtube link on the right of your screen


Brother Gueka explains quite clearly in this video why Black people shouldn’t expect anything from an Obama presidency. Part of my job is to teach business people how to negotiate, so I know that one of the golden rules of negotiation is that you never give anything without getting something in return. This is what is known as a quid pro quo or a win-win situation. Skilled negotiators say if you do this you leave yourself open to abuse, because once you give something for nothing, your adversary will always want something for nothing from you. Our people do not know how to negotiate and that is why Africa gives its resources away without getting anything in return. On the other hand, there are always strings attached to Western aid, and that is why they make sure that Africans accept western consultants, advisers, products, etc, whenever they lend money to Africa, because they understand this basic fact about negotiation.


The recent American elections demonstrated once again our people’s lack of knowledge about how to negotiate, where African Americans simply gave their vote to Obama without making any demands on him whatsoever. They didn’t understand that they were supposed to use their bargaining power (their vote) to get Obama to put their issues (reparations, affirmative action programs, racism, etc), on the table. Instead, all they asked for was hope and faith. Since African Americans negotiated nothing, it will be very difficult to get Obama to address their needs now that he has won. Their only hope lies with Michelle Obama, or with President Obama himself, who will put their issues on the table of his own free will, if as a black man, he truly understands the problems his people face. Otherwise, all African Americans will get from an Obama presidency is exactly what they negotiated: hope and faith. Nothing more, nothing less. Our people need to learn the art of negotiation so that we can stop being on the losing end each time. With this in mind, I have enclosed a few links below to help get our people started in the right direction. Hort



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The art of negotiation,,156475_165440,00.html

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