White in America

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White in America


 It’s good to see black people finally flipping the switch for a change. This video ‘White in America’ is a response to CNN’s ‘Black in America.” Internet has actually given us some leverage to fight back and we need to extend this to other areas of our lives. For example, instead of sending our children to be miseducated in the public school system every day, why not homeschool them ourselves using the internet. Even if they attend school during the day, we should still use the net to teach them the things we want them to learn since the net is really a library in our homes. There are now dozens of online schools and courses on the net for people of African descent which we need to take advantage of.  The internet allows us to take back some control over our lives and therefore we should use it to its fullest extent. Please forward to family and friends after viewing.  Hort

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http://www.nypl. org/research/ sc/sc.html) has online with text, images, maps, even a timeline etc of slavery and its abolition in the US and other countries.

http://abolition. nypl.org/ home/


The Schomburg Library (New York Public Library



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