Need for balance between Black and White anti-zionist agendas

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The need for balance between Black and White antizionist agendas

 Maria Poumier


is preparing the second Durban UN international conference about racism, in 2009. At the first one, in August 2001, the Blacks decided to help Palestine, and succeeded in provoking a loud worldwide rejection of Israel’s racism. After some years passed, they consider that their own misery has not been listened at, and will no longer let anyone take their place as the most suffering community.

Shamir’s global understanding of the real power in our world, as rooted in traditionalist lessons, seem very natural, logic and obvious to all normal human beings who think free from western ruling classes patterns. He is recognized as an oriental thinker by global Asia, as an autochthonous thinker by global Europe, as a kind religious person by global Africa.

As global Africa is now quite rooted all over the world, not only in its original continent and some places of America, we cannot keep on ignoring its specific point of view. It is quite different of antizionist globalized Europe’s reasoning. If we don’t work now to find common paths between black and white focus, our resistance to the jewish paradigm will fail, because no human victory is possible without harmony with the demands of the most miserable, only tyranny can rise on swindle.

Let us point out some differences, not as whites (as are most of specifically Shamireaders, I suppose) but as pale-faced ones who remember that we may fall in love at any time with black beauty, through music, dance, some unique person, the lovers of our children and grandchildren or any other eventual discovering.

  • Blacks really feel threatened to death, since the times of slavery (remember James Baldwin who wrote: “if Americans could make it, they would have exterminated us as they did with the Indians”); actually Whites don’t feel threatened as a race, but feel proud and quite happy because they have accepted the abolition of slavery a long time ago, so they don’t see any trouble with that matter, they don’t feel dangerous or racist at all.
  • Blacks feel themselves as a worldwide endangered community (AIDS, hunger, colonialism), so they naturally share a globalized vision of what the motherland is, while Whites suppose that all of us should fight for our proper and unique country (and forget what happens far from where we live).
  • Blacks feel discriminated as Blacks wherever they are not actually fighting for their rights, while Whites just feel, in some special cases: “this black person does not fit for such job or school, or disturbs me in this particular place in town, or what he writes does not fit in my publishing house, or this African version of African history is not reliable in “our” scientific paradigm, or this technological invention has nothing to do with black genius even if a black person made the scientific discovery that allowed another black person to offer it to the white world that makes money all the world around with it”, and so on.
  • Blacks fight for equality, while Whites always reject their claims according to racial automatisms. Doudou Diene, organizer of the Durban conferences, explains that this can be seen at diplomatic levels: Whites vote and react as a whole, bound together, against any black country, when there is some trouble with a western country in Africa’s struggles. The logic of Berlin’s conference is still active: whites consider Africa as their property, and don’t ask Africans if they wish to be such “goods”.

-The black point of view seems the only acceptable one if we look at macro economic reality: one continent is much poorer than the other ones, and its elite has been killed or broken by migrations so that the imperial western interests don’t find resistance to the takeover of the wealth.

-The white point of view seems more acceptable at the level of private life, where we see that Blacks don’t chose endogamy or ghettoes (not as Asiatics, for example); a lot of the worldwide admired winners are black (and it does not disturb anyone but very few extreme right wing bourgeois) in many non-racial fields, such as standards of physical beauty, music, sports, dance, bravery, heroism, humour etc.

  • Blacks feel that the three biblical universes as well oppress them from the beginning, because Jews, Muslims and Christians accept the Genesis tale about the universal deluge, don’t they? The big flood ended with God’s forgiveness and new alliance with mankind, but after that, Noah condemned forever Ham’s children to be the servants of his other sons, whites and semites. For blacks, this means salvation for all, but eternal sin just for them, specifically for them! In their mind, it is impossible to forgive such an original discrimination, while for Whites, it is not significant at all, we don’t take it seriously. As Gilad Atzmon pointed it out recently, the important thing (for Whites) is Joshua’s call for genocide of Palestinians (supposedly whites, as we imagine Jesus as white too). Blacks always remind that the first historical Ham was the Egyptian-Palestinian population, well called by the Bible “Canaan”, while Pharaohs called themselves “Kemites”, meaning the same!

Conclusion: Global Europe feels now oppressed by the global jewishness, and supposes that Africa should feel the same, because obviously Blacks are oppressed too by the same forces. But Africa does not fit in that theory, because it feels different. If Europe does not offer some reciprocity, Africa sees no reason to help antizionists more than what they have done until now. They chose to fight with all their soul in the allied army against Hitler’s racism, so don’t fear to be accused of anti-Semitism. In old fearful Europe, they are the young brave ones who dare to speak loudly against Zionism: remember Dieudonné, and now young Kemi Seba, in France, for example, as mediatic cases. But they are asking something in return…

Facing the rise of the Shoah business, Africa decided to remind the age of slavery as a black Holocaust. Whites have no memory at all about slavery as a 300 year nightmare, one only remembers his own suffering. Facing the Industry of Holocaust, Blacks are asking too for reparations; the juridical argument is that genocide is defined imprescriptibly. Loyalty, ecology, brotherhood and Christian charity oblige us Shamireaders to accept their claims: as we reject Joshua’s book, we must speak loudly against Noah’s curse; as we reject excessive or specific compensations for Holocaust, we must accept the necessary reparation for Africa: it is just another name, the one they chose, for economic balance between rich and poor countries and some more equality in the distribution of wealth.

If this seems unbearable for some Whites, and specially for those who have a jewish background, it will confirm what so many Blacks feel: that antizionists are just the White and Arab ones who want to take for themselves the Jewish privileges; and when Palestine and antizionists will ask for support from global Africa, they will say: “it is still the same game, they want us as servants or just to die on the battlefields for them, why should we agree? At the end, they are all jewish-minded…” and they will be right, because we should know that merciless Jews were the great slave traders in Islam and afterwards in Christendom (1).

Maybe the analogy that can make us able to understand and share more is that of man and woman: both may speak badly about the other gender and hit one another, but still copulate together…The real thought is the one that springs out of feeling. Let us listen to our partner’s feeling, at least if we wish to make love. Is there one Shamireader that would agree with husbands beating their wives every night after making love? The distance between men and women is shrinking, in our societies, for good or bad, but it is impossible to go back to the old habits.

The geographical distances between Blacks and Whites are shrinking too, with migrations, and populations don’t look any more at the others as barbarians, in everyday life: they just work together, buy together, get sick and enjoy together; the mental distance must disappear, at least at the level of the sense of justice and balance, that is what makes us human. It is not opposite to love for our traditions and our countries. It is just remaining alive, instead of disappearing in resentment and fear. The enemy is the unleashed powerful, not the beggar who obliges us to become more human. And for the other matters, time is a great sculptor, and God will take care of his beloved sons, inch Allah!

(1)   Details about jewish involvement in negro enslavement, see

Michael A. Hoffman II. Copyright ©2006. All Rights Reserved.

The next blockbuster documentary movie we intend to debut online is in a humble enough format: the lecture. In this case, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade" by Tony Martin, Professor of African History at Wellesley College (URL for the online movie forthcoming). Martin has paid a steep price for his failure to toe the party line on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Thought vastly more qualified and erudite than the likes of Henry Louis Gates and Thomas Sowell, Martin has been blacklisted and boycotted and kept off blue ribbon civil rights symposia both in the US and Britain, PBS broadcasts and syndicated columns. The Establishment's directive is -- silence Tony Martin! This obtains for both the Left and the Right wings of the Cryptocracy.

His offense? Courageously bearing witness to embarrassing truths about Judaism which testify to a significant --and in the case of the Caribbean and South America--massive Judaic role in the black slave trade. Prof. Martin compounds this dangerous 'blasphemy' with heresy, by pointing to the sacred rabbinic texts and halacha (Judaic law) as the basis for the racist justification for black chattel servitude. Martin correctly points to the two major Judaic sources of this institutionalized anti-black contempt: the Midrash, a collection of rabbinic fairy tales alleged by prominent writers (Joseph Telushkin, James L. Kugel), to offer brilliant insights into obscure and enigmatic passages of the Old Testament; and the "Guide to the Perplexed" (in the Shlomo Pines translation--all other English versions are redacted), by Judaism's foremost rabbinic legal "codifier", the famous Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a.k.a. the "Rambam" (sounds like a parody of a Flintstones' character, but that's his moniker in Orthodox Judaism).

In the Midrash and the "Guide to the Perplexed" the black race and dark skin are identified with indelible, hereditary moral corruption and perversion, the so-called "Curse of Ham." The key distinction to be noted here is that since Judaism is an anti-Biblical religion (you read that right; cf my book, "Judaism's Strange Gods"), attributing to the Genesis story of Ham and Canaan a racial subtext, is strictly rabbinic and not Biblical. Nowhere in the Old Testament is the black race or sub-Saharan African ethnicity associated with enslavement or moral turpitude. That abominable fallacy, which has caused untold misery for millions of black people, is a strictly Midrashic-halachic gloss which we are not supposed to talk about. Those who do, risk censorship, blacklisting and other threats to careers and bank accounts here in "democratic" America. (Caveat to Iraqis: if Bush is successful in imposing "democracy" on Iraq, your ability to freely contemplate and discuss the matters under consideration will be severely interdicted. That is Mr. Bush's unspoken definition of democracy: expanding the immunity from radical critique and exposure which Judaism possesses in the West, to the whole world. Once that tyranny is accomplished in Iraq, your nation will receive the imprimatur as a western-certified "democracy").

Tony Martin delves into this in his lecture, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade" which was recorded in 2001. Since that time, two books --"Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern Era" by Prof. Jonathan Schorsch of Columbia University, and "The Curse of Ham" by David Goldenberg--both of which, in my estimation, are sneaky but elite responses to Dr. Martin--have been published. What I have done, is to append a brief analysis of these books as an introduction to Dr. Martin's speech, to provide a context for the state of the intellectual contest as it currently stands. Both Schorsch and Goldenberg have written books which insult the intelligence of their readers, but unless these readers are knowledgeable about Judaism, they will not be cognizant of this insult, simply swallowing without question the pap these prestigious academics feed their seemingly highly gullible audience.

I have not encountered any significant critique of these two books. Both of them, as far as I can tell, are recipients of lavish encomiums from their peers and give every appearance of being the definitive last word on the subject. On the contrary, these books depend on the most shameful omissions of highly germane data central to the issue, on the supposition (?) that their readers will not know what they are missing.

I tackle the theses of Schorsch and Goldenberg on camera for about ten minutes, prior to the beginning of Martin's lecture. I predict that this film, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade," will be a powerful antidote to the infant pabulum dispensed by the self-appointed commissars and gate-keepers of the study of black bondage in the Americas.

As soon as we have the URL for this online movie, which we are broadcasting free of charge as a public educational service, we will pass it along to you here at this blog, as well as to visitors to our parent site, For more information about Dr. Martin or his publications:

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