Africa-China Trade not new

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Africa-China Trade not new  (1) (2) (3)

Today, it’s very difficult to convince people that the world used to be a peaceful place before violent and aggressive Ayrans siezed power, however, this video proves that it used to be so. It
shows that long before Christopher Columbus, the Chinese had already circumnavigated the world, peacefully. Although the video emphasises the period when the Aryan races invaded Egypt and their trade with China, Africa had developed links with China centuries before they came on the scene. In fact, Africans had already been to China, America, Australia and India and wherever they went, their contact with the native peoples was also peaceful. Today, it is very difficult to believe that Europeans could dare have said that Africans were waiting in limbo for them to come and civilize them, since Africans have left their imprint everywhere on the globe, including Europe.
  There is a Hatian saying which says 'Lie can run for a whole year, but truth will catch up with it in only one day". How true. Hort

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