Dr. John Henrik Clarke: A great and mighty walk

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Dr. John Henrik Clarke : A great and mighty walk


Anyone trying to educate people of African descent correctly must pay a heavy price. Just ask Wesley Snipes who made this excellent documentary film on Dr John Henrik Clarke's life, which is really a history of African people. African children will learn more African history from this one video than the 16 years they spend at school studying their history. Now that the uncivilized world has become half civilized, no one wants to remember the atrocities that have been committed against people of African descent, especially since these atrocities have been skillfullly plastered over with propaganda. Since Mr. Snipes made this film he has fallen out of favour in Hollywood and has become a target of the American government, hence his conviction for tax evasion which is really his punishment for producing this film. However, in spite of all the obstacles that the oppressor places in our path, African people must continue to learn as much as they can about themselves and their people. Happily, the internet is one of their greatest allies and that is why African people must use it to its fullest extent. Please forward this video to as many people as possible after viewing. It is  truly a remarkable documentary. Hort


Wesley Snipes given 3 years for tax evasion



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