Straight talk about Islam from Master teacher Dr Henrik Clarke

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Dr.John Henrik Clarke talks about Islam

In this video, master teacher Dr. Henrik Clarke, explains how Arabs turned Africans into Moslems, and why our people continue to cling to this slaveholding religion. It is absolutely mindboggling what white and arab supremacists have done to our people, under the guise of religion. For example, all these religions as one scholar pointed out, have taught African people to "romanticize poverty and suffering." How can you romanticise poverty and suffering? You do not romanticise poverty and suffering, you destroy it, but once again this behaviour demonstrates the extent of the damage that slavery and colonialism has wreaked on the black psyche. While Africans continue to romanticise poverty and suffering, those who taught them that diabolical idea, reject poverty and suffering for themselves, preferring instead to pillage and rob Africans of their resources as well as their lives on a daily basis. African people foolishly, have never quite understood that religion is a 'weapon of war', and that is precisely why Europeans and Arabs used it to conquer and pacify them. That is also the reason that Arabs and Asians have never tolerated any religion other than their own, in their land. In fact, for centuries, the Chinese and the Japanese cut off the head of every single Christian that came to their shores. Maintaining their religions and their ancestral traditions has been the secret of their strength and cohesiveness, exactly what African people have been discouraged from doing.

Today, as the African renaissance gains momentum, the West is increasingly sending evangelists to the motherland to convert Africans to Christianity, in order to keep them pacified because they know how powerful religion is. Let us not forget that it is through spiritual enslavement that they have been able to control African people for so long. This problem however, can easily be corrected if African people around the world can be made to understand, that their resurrection and liberation lie in rejecting both Islam and Christianity and returning to the religions of their ancestors, which were neither imperialistic, racist, slaveholding or unfair. Ironically, African religions are the closest examples of how human beings should really practice spirituality on this planet, yet our oppressors have turned them into 'spook' religions. Isn't it strange how African people through their spiritual enslavement have come to adhere to the vision of the slavemaster and his heirs, to the point that today they are even euphoric about the idea that one of their own, may soon be in the driving seat behind their oppression? No wonder Professor Bwemba Bong always says "Africa and her people are the largest psychiatric ward on the planet."  I am convinced that Africans will only regain their power when they regain their true spirituality. Hort

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