The West admits that Greeks 'borrowed Egyptian mathematics'!!!!!

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Most people are still unaware that many of the things they were taught at school were simply lies  and that they have to be reeducated. We must thank African scholars who, in their search for truth, have worked tirelessly to expose these lies because it eventually forces the West to grudgingly admit their errors, as the following BBC article illustrates. For centuries, school children, (including African children) have been taught that the Greeks were the inventors of philosophy, mathematics, science, etcetera, (the Greek Miracle) when in fact, it was our ancestors the ancient Egyptians, (black people) who taught  them everything they knew. Did you know for example, that Pythagoras, who was credited with the invention of mathematics, spent 22 years studying in Egypt at the feet of our ancestors? So how can he be the 'father of the theorem?' Also, don't you think that the ancient Egyptians must have had thorough knowledge of mathematics to have built those gigantic structures called 'pyramids?' This is why African parents must correct their miseducation by firstly, studying the true history of African people, then teaching it to their children so that we can unmask ALL of their lies, scientific, biblical and otherwise. Let us support our scholars, (often defamed and snubbed for revealing the truth), by buying their books and CD's and encouraging our family and friends to do likewise. Hort

 Greeks 'borrowed Egyptian numbers'
By Paul Rincon
BBC Science
Monday, 15 September, 2003

The astronomers, physicists and mathematicians of ancient Greece were true innovators. But one thing it seems the ancient Greeks did not invent was the counting system on which many of their greatest thinkers based their pioneering calculations. New research suggests the Greeks borrowed their system known as alphabetic numerals from the Egyptians, and did not develop it themselves as was long believed. Greek alphabetic numerals were favoured by the mathematician and physicist Archimedes, the scientific philosopher Aristotle and the mathematician Euclid, amongst others.

Trade explosion
An analysis by Dr Stephen Chrisomalis of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed striking similarities between Greek alphabetic numerals and Egyptian demotic numerals, used in Egypt from the late 8th Century BC until around AD 450. Both systems use nine signs in each "base" so that individual units are counted 1-9, tens are counted 10-90 and so on. Both systems also lack a symbol for zero. Dr Chrisomalis proposes that an explosion in trade between Greece and Egypt after 600 BC led to the system being adopted by the Greeks.Greek merchants may have seen the demotic system in use in Egypt and adapted it for their own purposes. "We know there was an enormous amount of contact between the Greeks and Egyptians at this time," Dr Chrisomalis told BBC News Online.

'Plausible' theory
Professor David Joyce, a mathematician at Clark University in Worcester, US, said he had not examined Dr Chrisomalis' research, but thought the link was plausible. "Egyptians used hieratic and, later, demotic script where the multiple symbols looked more like single symbols," said Professor Joyce. "Instead of seven vertical strokes, a particular squiggle was used. That's the same scheme used in the Greek alphabetic numerals." Traditionally, the system is thought to have been developed by Greeks in western Asia Minor, in modern day Turkey. Between 475 BC and 325 BC, alphabetic numerals fell out of use in favour of a system of written numbers known as acrophonic numerals. But from the late 4th Century BC onwards, alphabetic numerals became the preferred system throughout the Greek-speaking world. They were used until the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the 15th Century.

The research is to be published in the journal Antiquity.

Afrocentricity versus Eurocentricity

 by Professor Molefi Asante



  Eurocentrism whose historical approach rests on the principles of the "Aryan Model" dominates 99 % of the scientific works dealing with the history of humanity in the West. Nobody can avoid it.

What are the characteristics of this historical "Model"?

Born around the time of the "Enlightenment," it dogmatically makes ancient Greece the cradle of the scientific and philosophical disciplines of humanity (mathematics, philosophy, architecture, democracy, etc..) Thus, Thales, Plato, Euclid and Pythagoras are not only the first thinkers of history but also the first theorists in the field of scientific research. Anything done by the other people in the history of humanity does not count. This "Model" has always been the pride of Western historians who found in it their historical justification for their false superiority and their control of the planet that the English economist David Hume summarizes perfectly: 

"I suspect Negroes and in general the other races of mankind to be naturally inferior to the white race. There has never been any other civilized nation or colour other than the white race, nor any illustrious individual by his actions or by his capacity of reflexion. In their lands there are neither manufactured machines, art, nor science. There are Negro slaves dispersed all over Europe but one has never observed on their part the least sign of intelligence and that includes our colonies".

As long as historians restrict themselves to studying the history of Europe, there is no problem. But the "Aryan Model" seriously begins to fall apart when it tries to systematically deny the importance of the African genius.

2- Afrocentricity:

 The absurdity of the "Aryan Model" is to try and make us believe (let us put aside colour for a moment), that modern man born 160, 000 years ago in Africa, waited approximately 159, 600 years (as if by magic), for the first philosophical or mathematical ideas to germinate in Europe. It is clear that this is nothing more than a grotesque lie!  Using Jean Paul Sartre, here is what professor Obenga tells us about bad faith (see J.P Sartre)):

  "The individual of "bad faith"is one who hates himself. i.e. he pretends to be unaware of the truth but deep down he really knows it. By hiding the truth which he is not unaware of, the human being of "bad faith" lies. i.e. that he himself becomes transformed into “no’. He lies perpetually. When he lies, he gives the impression that he is telling the truth although he knows that deep down he is nothing but a big liar. The human being of "bad faith" is a Cretan i.e. a liar who is conscious of lying but tries to give a serious air to his lies.”

It is interesting to note that in medical dictionaries, the "Megalomaniac" is defined as somebody:


" Having delusions of grandeur which start from proudly over-estimating his own importance to real delusions of grandeur (…) He over-estimates his ability and his means; he believes he is rich and powerful (…)  He is persuaded that he is endowed with tremendous intelligence (…) In his delusions of grandeur, he identifies with famous people (Ramses II, Thoutmosis II, Imhotep…) His motto is: I am the prince of the angels, the upholder of justice in the world, I give orders to millions of men, I am the conscience of the world, the light of men, the only true prophet and the supreme elected official (…) Intuition, imagination, false interpretations are enough to send him into delirium"…

For the "Mythomaniac":

"Every method is good to disguise or to mislead: lies, fables, plots, simulations (…) Sometimes the mythomaniac, usually insincere, can even become sincere with himself and then gets caught in his own game (…) His main goal is to always be practical: the lure of gain, of fame, the desire to impose, to dominate (…) Certain psychiatrists see in this tendency to fantasize something in his constitution, something innate which pushes the individual invariably to disguise the truth permanently  in an uncontrollable manner.”

Thus by using lies, the "Aryan Model" stipulates that only European experiences satisfy the criteria they consider valid enough to be included in the universal history of humanity. Consequently, "African" experiences are arbitrarily considered to be unworthy to form part and remain depreciated, devalued and are marginally studied outside of universal history (see definition of ethnology).

  Let us look at some concrete facts!

Let us look at some ancient testimony to demonstrate that the "Aryan Model" leads to a dead end.

In his treaty on Isis and Osiris, the two major Egyptian divinities, the Greek writer Plutarh (50 – 125 A.D.) endeavoured to prove that Greek scientists were indeed trained by black Egyptian priests and that on returning to their country sought to imitate the attitude of their African professors. This is what all the Greek scholars affirm and they are quite explicit:

  "That is what the wisest among the Greeks, Solon, Tales, Plato, Eudoxe, and Pythagoras unanimously attest to, and even Lycurgue himself, travelled to Egypt and conferred with the priests of the country. It is said that Eudoxe was taught by Conuphis de Memphis, Solon by Sonchis of saïs, Pythagoras by Enuphis the Héliopolitain. Pythagoras especially, full of admiration for these priests who had inspired in him the same feeling, imitated their enigmatic and mysterious language and wrapped his dogmas in the veil of allegory. The majority of these precepts do not differ from what is called in Egypt  “the hiéroglyphs.” Such as these: Do not eat in a tank. Do not sit on a bushel. Do not plant a palm tree. Do not stir up fire with the sword in your house. I also believe that the Pythagorians, by assigning particular numbers to some of their Gods, Apollo(1), Diane(1), Minerva(7) and Neptune(11) wanted to imitate what was practised or what was illustrated in the temples of Egypt."

Let us now quickly see, the “whitening” of Egypt in current literature:

- In "That interests me" October 2003, Christian Jacques writes that the Egyptians were  "white Africans,"

- In "Eureka"  April 1997, Bruno Maureille, a researcher at the CNRS stated: "the populations of the south (Blacks) and those of the North (White)",

- In the "Nouvel Observateur" January 2003, Jean Paul Husband, sees in Egypt a "goddess with firm breasts and curly hair". In his euphory he adds: "the legend says that the young Alexander fell in love close to a water fountain of jasmin. “Do not scorn me because of the color of my skin,” the beautiful one says to him, “because inside is more brilliant than your white skin, "

- In the supplement published for the exhibit  on "Sudan" in Paris, one can read: "former slaves, wearers of braids, woolly hair (…) Néhésyou with the burning face."

- In "Géo" January 1997, one can read: "the Egyptian people are in fact a compendium of populations of Berber origin, known as "hamites," of the Semitic populations, indeed Indo-Europeans (naturally) from Asia Minor and becoming more "negroid"as one moves southward,"


  And we must never forget the many historians who turn into nothing more than swindlers, culprits of "fraud and makers of fraud" for the historical falsification of documents, such as the coptologist Maurice Martin who in his article published in the special edition of “Le Nouvel Observateur” in 1997, included the entire quotation of Volney, the academician, but intentionally removing the passage where he says: "this race of black men" in connection with the Egyptians, but does not delete it for the Ethiopians.


Or Philippe E Legrand, professor at the university of Lyon who falsified the sentence by the Greek, Hérodotus (Book II) when he declares that "the Egyptians have black skin and frizzy hair" like the Colchidiens. P. E. Legrand translates the term "Mélankroès" by Hérodotus which means "black" by "brown" whereas this same term is translated everywhere else to mean "black" (it becomes "brown" only when they speak about the Egyptians, as if by magic, but  remains the same for the Ethiopians).

 (to learn more: See. The Roots of ancient Egypt, media trickery and Cheik Anta Diop)

 In addition, in 2002 the review "Sciences et Vie" devoted a series on the scientific genius of the people of humanity. It showed the Asian, Arab, and Greek genius..... But the only genius that we never saw was the African genius (except on our site). It is not an accident!

In "Sciences et Vie" November 2003, Bernadette Arnaud writes an in-depth report on the colossal heads carved in Mexico at the time of the Olmèc civilization, around 1 200 A.D. (date to be re-checked). If in the "Quid," African people are presented as the only individuals with thick lips and broad noses (which is very far from a general represention) and the Olmec sculptures all have very thick lips and very broad noses, again when it is a significant fact about civilisation, African people are arbitrarily excluded! "No Africans, no Atlantes (…) with their wide noses."


What does professor Jean Mazel say about these same heads? (see Presence of the black world)

 "These monumental sculptures represent faces whose features are decidedly African (…) One can thus affirm that on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico, black people held (…) eminent positions, those of kings or divine characters." In the old Mayan code which explains the origins of the world, Popol Vuh furthermore specifies: "They were there, in great numbers, African men." As professor Joel A. Rogers underlines, certain eminent people even in Mexico attest to this presence. The Mexican professor Marques says on this subject: "the African type existed in the oldest Mexican sculptures. African people are mentioned or are present in the oldest traditions of our country."

Another Mexican historian, Riva Palacio declares: "It is indisputable that in very ancient times the black race occupied our territory, Mexico. The Mexicans remember a black God, Ixtilton, which means a "black figure."


Far from becoming entangled in random assumptions and falsification, Afrocentricity points a finger at the ideological distortions of Western historians, when they talk about African history.

Lie can run for a whole year, but truth will catch up with it in only one day!

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