African Columbian Leader Assassinated by the paramilitary

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Community in Danger.
Leader of Community Council Assassinated.
June 26, 2008

On Tuesday 24th Felipe Landazury, Secretary of the Community Council of Bajo Mira y Frontera, in Tumaco, Nariño was killed, presumably by paramilitaries.

Preliminary information received from the area indicates that on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 an armed group, apparently paramilitary, entered the village of Candelilla de la Mar, seized Felipe and held the community captive. After two hours everyone except Felipe Landazury was released. As the released members of the community were leaving, they heard gunshots. Those who returned later found Felipe Landazury dead. Felipe Landazury was a prominent leader appointed by the community as the next President of the Community Council.

The Community Council of Bajo Mira y Frontera has been strongly opposed to illicit crops, fumigations, and oil palm cultivation in their collective territories, which resulted in constant threats from the various armed groups in the area. Tumaco is a municipality severely affected by fumigations, armed encounters between government forces, paramilitaries, and guerrilla groups, which is continuously forcing internal displacement of its population, the majority of whom are Afro-descendants. Nariño is the base of operations of "Las Aguilas Negras" and "Los Rastrojos", two paramilitary groups which re-grouped after their apparent demobilization.

The community Councils were formed in application of the Law 70 of 1993 and are regulated by the Decree 1745 of 1995. They are the maximum administrative authority within the collective territories (more than 5 million hectares). There are 1,454 local Community Councils, congregated in 174 Major Community Councils. Around 75.000 families are under the protection of the Community Councils.

The violence against Afro-Colombian grassroots communities and their leaders is escalating. The "democratic security" policy has proven to be a failure in the Pacific Coast region and areas inhabited by Afro-descendants and indigenous people. These areas are in the eye of economic and political interests from armed groups, government and multinational corporations.

Take Action: Raise your concern to the US Department of State. Call Jaennie Muñoz at 202) 647-8307 and express your repudiation to the assassination of Felipe Landazury and express great concern for the safety of the Community of Candelillas. Ask Jennie to contact the Colombia Embassy and the urge them to take immediate measurements to effectively protect the community and its leaders. Contact Colombian Ambassador in the US, Carolina Barco at (202) 387-8338, email
emwas@colombiaemb. org, fax (202) 232-8633, and urge for immediate protection of the members of the community. Urge the government to take effective measurements to end the humanitarian and human rights situation of Afro-descendants in Colombia.

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