The racial division of labour in the economic system (Continued)

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The racial division of labour in the economic system (Continued)

Africa and Europe, different mindsets
Where does this psychopathic and criminal nature in western capitalists come from? Again we must return to the past to find the answer. Africa, unlike Europe, has been blessed with abundant wealth. She has mineral wealth, forests, wildlife, etc. In other words, Africa has an abundance of every thing which can fulfill all the needs of her people and even the needs of others. In business, Africa has what is called an absolute advantage over other continents. This abundance of wealth has formed the mindset of African people. They are a peaceful, generous and welcoming people because they did not have to fight for their survival. That is why a small country in Africa like Nigeria with over 300 different linguistic groups could live in peace and harmony for centuries without exterminating each other. (Since Nigerians have become Christians and Moslems they kill each other all the time.) As a result of her wealth, Africa has constantly had to defend herself from other groups that envied her position. Europe, one of Africa’s attackers, was not blessed with abundant wealth. Europe is a cold, harsh and hostile environment. In fact, Europeans describe their continent as “nine months of winter, three months of hell”. This statement summarizes why the history of Europe has been so bloody, because in winter when there was only snow on the ground and there was no food, they had to kill or steal from each other in order to survive. They therefore developed a very hostile and aggressive mindset, which Professor Cheik Anta Diop calls the “Northern cradle” mindset. In contrast, Africans have a “Southern cradle” mindset.
 Ernest Renan’s quote not only confirms Dr. Diop’s theory but describes the very essence of these two races that have tragically met and can never unite. He says that Africans are the “tillers of the soil.” The soil is what gives life. Without the soil we would not be able to grow anything and would all die. So, African people are a life giving people and do not like to intentionally destroy anything, which makes the destructive wars in Africa today all the more tragic. On the other hand, Europeans are the “race of soldiers and rulers”. The first job of a soldier is to kill and destroy, therefore Europeans are destroyers of life and that is the reason they feel no remorse for exterminating other races or destroying the environment. Here are these two races then, with totally different mindsets, one representing life, the other representing death. It is absolutely essential that African people understand these differences if we are to end our abuse and the capitalist system.
When there is a serial killer on the loose, the ordinary detective will not be able to catch him unless he seeks the help of a profiler. Profilers study in detail everything about the psychopath until they can predict what he eats, where he lives, what he likes, etc, They can even predict his next move and that is when the police can set a trap for the serial killer and put an end to his criminal rampage. African people are going to have to become like profilers. Our people worldwide must begin to take a microscopic look at the racist economic system, in the same way that our historians did with African and world history which helped to lay many European myths to rest. Not only will it help enlighten our people about their continued underdevelopment but it will help hasten our liberation from European domination. More African people, especially our young, should also seriously begin to study the nature of abuse, in order to fully understand the psychopathic behaviour of  the abuser and the masochistic behaviour of the abused, so that they can help our people, the victims, firstly, recognise it for what it truly is, i.e. unadulterated violence and secondly, help them develop strategies to neutralise their abusers while simultaneously disentangling themselves from their grasp, the most difficult task to accomplish, according to people who work with victims of abuse. Those who work with battered wives for example, tell us that the biggest problem they face, is convincing the wife to leave her abusive husband and that the relationship often ends in tragedy, with the death of the wife and the husband being charged with involuntary homicide.
How the West maintains slave system
What the West always forgets to mention in their propaganda when they talk about corruption in Africa, is that African leaders are like the queen of England. They have absolutely no power and are simply figureheads, because of another strategy the West uses to hold on to power and keep their racist economic system alive. In fact, having divided up the economy by race, the West has put into place a whole set of rules and regulations to ensure that African economies remain in the primary sector and they have created a host of international organizations to implement their strategies. They never tell us that since independence African leaders have been forced to accept, (whether they agree or not) western advisors and consultants and that these are really the people who actually rule Africa. The reality is that African leaders have to do as they are told or else they are murdered and so many of them simply comply to stay alive. How many African advisors do you believe western countries employ in strategic positions or are allowed to make vital decisions for their countries? Yet, they have been prevalent in key decision making positions which concern the strategic interests of African people since independence. These advisors and consultants were intentionally placed there so that African leaders would not make any decisions that would change the racial composition of the economic system. This is an article from a business magazine describing how consultants and advisers behave. They are known for ‘deliberately holding back on producing part of a solution to a problem in the hope of getting called in by the client again.’ Is it surprising therefore that western advisors work against Africa’s best interests? Why should we be surprised that the wrong decisions have been made on Africa’s behalf since independence? Would you make the right decisions if you knew that you would be out of a job tomorrow?
In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins describes how as a highly paid professional, he helped the U.S. cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then taking over their economies. Let him explain how they did it.

"In any case, we go to that third-world country and we arrange a huge loan from the international lending community; usually the World Bank leads that process. So, let’s say we give this third-world country a loan of $1 billion. One of the conditions of that loan is that the majority of it, roughly 90, comes back to the United States to one of our big corporations, the ones we’ve all heard of recently, the Bechtels, the Halliburtons. And those corporations build in this third-world country large power plants, highways, ports, or industrial parks—big infrastructure projects that basically serve the very rich in those countries. The poor people in those countries and the middle class suffer; they don’t benefit from these loans, they don’t benefit from the projects. In fact, often their social services have to be severely curtailed in the process of paying off the debt. Now what also happens is that this third-world country then is saddled with a huge debt that it can’t possibly repay. For example, today, Ecuador. Ecuador’s foreign debt, as a result of the economic hit man, is equal to roughly 50 of its national budget. It cannot possibly repay this debt, as is the case with so many third-world countries. So, now we go back to those countries and say, look, you borrowed all this money from us, and you owe us this money, you can’t repay your debts, so give our oil companies your oil at very cheap costs. And in the case of many of these countries, Ecuador is a good example here, that means destroying their rain forests and destroying their indigenous cultures. That’s what we’re doing today around the world, and we’ve been doing it—it began shortly after the end of World War II. It has been building up over time until today where it’s really reached mammoth proportions where we control most of the resources of the world.”
Now that you understand the rationale behind Africa’s huge debt and structural adjustment programs are you still surprised that the IMF and the World Bank are unable to find any viable solutions for Africa?
According to John Perkins, when leaders in developing countries won an election they received a visit from him and he gave them two choices. They were shown a bullet (the stick) or a wad of money. (the carrot)  Many African leaders therefore found themselves caught in the trap that the West had set for them, in other words, they had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea and having signed a pact with the devil they could no longer turn back. Those who changed their minds ended up like Manuel Norieaga and Saddam Hussein and this is what Perkins says happened to those who refused to comply with the demands of the West.
“Jaime Roldós, president of Ecuador, and Omar Torrijos, president of Panama died in fiery crashes. Their deaths were not accidental. They were assassinated because they opposed that fraternity of corporate, government, and banking heads whose goal is global empire. We Economic Hit Men failed to bring Roldós and Torrijos around, and the other type of hit men, the CIA-sanctioned jackals who were always right behind us, stepped in”
What he means here is that these are the two groups who do the dirty work. The strategy of Western governments was to use private companies so that if they were caught, it would be blamed on corporate greed, rather than government policy. The economic hit men (John Perkins was one of these) tried to convince our leaders and presidents to accept the proposals the West offered (the carrot) and if they refused the jackals assassinated them. (the stick) Now we know which choices Lumumba, Sankara and all those other valiant African leaders who were assassinated made. Many people did not understand why Hugo Chavez called Bush “the devil” when he spoke at the United Nations some time ago. He said that because the Americans have already offered him the stick or the carrot,  but Chavez has made it clear to them what his choice is and has even adopted a counter strategy by telling the world that if he dies tomorrow, the Americans have murdered him. A recent article entitled “EU is using ‘bully tactics’ to push through EPA’s” (posted on our site) written after the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon, shows that today the West continues to use its carrot and stick approach with Africans. This is a quote from a Namibian diplomat describing why his country succumbed to the West’s demands, although Africans overwhelmingly refused the West’s proposal in Lisbon.
 "When negotiating with a stronger partner, you end up only being on the receiving end. Bully tactics are used with the threat 'you either sign or you don't have the market'," he said. This is the classical carrot and stick approach which uses threats to force people to do what they do not want to do. This statement also demonstrates the tremendous ignorance of African people at all levels even those who negotiate on our behalf, since they too are not the least bit aware of the racial segmentation of the economic system. As a result, they negotiate from an angle which makes it impossible for them to obtain win-win contracts from the West for their people.

This then, is what African leaders have had to face since independence, but of course no one has ever bothered to inform the African community of that. They are simply told that if they remove corrupt African leaders from power, Africa’s problems will be solved overnight and in our ignorance we have simply accepted that explanation without question. I think the controversy in France at the moment surrounding Mr. Kaddafi’s visit illustrates how easy it is for our leaders to get caught in the trap that the West has set for them. As a deprived people the West knows that African people are hungry. They are hungry physically, but they are also hungry for recognition, for status, for all the “trappings of success” and hungry for a change in society. As a result, many of them jump at the chance when they are promoted to top positions because they sincerely believe that they can finally achieve their goals, but as Rama Yada, the new French Minister for Human Rights is finding out, moral values and human rights are only laudable as long as they do not encroach on profit making in Western society. That is why she was yanked from the trip to China because France was not interested in talking about human rights and lose contracts worth millions of euros from the Chinese, and her vehement criticism of Mr. Kadhaffi will have absolutely no effect on Mr. Sarkozy, because he is interested in making sure that French companies get lucrative contracts from Libya. Mr Sarkozy made it very clear some time ago that if he has to choose between human rights and getting jobs and contracts for the French, he will always choose the latter. She, like many of our leaders before her, does not understand that they have to pay a price for their “success”. Too late, our leaders find themselves trapped in a system where they often have to support policies and make decisions that go against their own values and beliefs.
Recently a new breed of leaders like Chavez, Mugabe, Laurent Gbabgo has emerged who refuse to obey the rules, but the West does not know exactly how to deal with them, because more and more people are slowly beginning to understand Western tactics, and so these new leaders have tremendous support from their people. There is a fear that if they are eliminated, it may cause the West to lose their entire stronghold on their resources, so they try to discredit and slander them in the worst possible manner, in the hope that their people wil hate them and thus make it easier for the West to eliminate them. This was the standard procedure used in the past, however, today it has the opposite effect. It makes the local population support their leaders even more while increasing their hostility towards the West.
Some solutions for Africans
How can Africans put an end to an economic system which has excluded them from accumulating wealth for the last 500 years? Africans must first be aware that they are still living and working under the same racially divided economic system as their enslaved ancestors and that it is race, not class, why some countries and people are richer than others. Unfortunately, many of our people are not even aware of this fact, hence the role of this blog, since change can only occur when people have the right information. Today China and India are threatening the hegemony of the West. This has happened because they have understood how the game is played and are no longer satisfied with the task of simply transforming the raw materials into finished goods (secondary sector) that they were assigned by the West. They now want control of the tertiary sector, the most lucrative, which whites had reserved exclusively for themselves. However, it was because Asians had the right knowledge that they were able to plan, then implement their strategy. They intentionally targeted the Western high tech industries in order to dominate the tertiary sector and today they have achieved their goal. Sharing the tertiary sector with Asians was certainly not what the West had in mind when they set up their racially segmented economic system, but that’s what the right information can do. It can trigger change and when our people get the right information, they too will make the necessary changes in the present system
In fact, the root of the present conflict between China and the West is precisely because of the racial division of labor in the economic system. As I said earlier the West has slowly been transferring the secondary sector to Asians since colonization. With the invention of the internet and the new technologies the West had hoped to transfer the entire secondary sector to Asia and concentrate wholly on the tertiary sector, and thus there would be a clear demarcation between each race and each sector in the economic system. However their plan has backfired, as firstly, the Asians are no longer satisfied with just looking after the secondary sector. They now want a larger slice of the cake and are targeting the tertiary sector, Secondly, the number of jobs that the West had hoped the new technologies would create in their sector has not materialized. As a result, both the West and the Asians are encroaching on each other’s sector. However, unlike Africa, who as we saw earlier cannot compete when the West encroaches on the primary sector, the Asians are quite capable of not only competing with them in the secondary sector, but can compete and even surpass them in their own sector, the tertiary sector, and this of course creates conflict. So, this is the reason for the propaganda campaigns about tainted food, dangerous toys, etc that are being mounted against China in the West. When you understand that China dominates 94% of the world toy market, a very lucrative market, then you can understand why the West would like to take it back for their own toy manufacturers. Many people do not understand that the underlying cause is the repositioning of both groups in the economic racial hierarchy as they fight for market share. This was also the reason that Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian magnate was greeted with such tremendous hostilty in his bid to take over Arcelor, a French steel company, in 2006. The Europeans were so enraged that Jacques Chirac, who was still president at the time, even tried to stop the deal and Michel Rocard, a socialist politician, wrote a scathing article entitled “Europe should say no.” Mittal’s only French supporter, Francois Pinault had this to say when Mittal finally succeeded in his bid. ‘I didn’t like the welcome Mittal received in France, nor the xenophobic, even racist character of certain comments about ‘the Indian’”. Of course, most people did not understand the underlying stakes here as they are totally unaware of the racial makeup of our economic system.
Secondly, Africa must understand that its richest resource is its people, its human resources. Again propaganda has made Africans believe that foreign investors are absolutely essential to their economy and that Africa cannot survive without them. This is the type of propaganda they bombard Africans with all the time.
“While Africa is not very important to the world economy, the world economy is very important to Africa, as illustrated by trade flows and trade policy”
That is a totally false statement. Africa has a population of 600 million people and an absolute advantage in the resources that the whole world needs, therefore, Africa does not need the rest of the world, but the rest of the world cannot do without Africa. That is why all the races on the planet are in Africa today. The quicker African people understand this, the quicker they can stop focusing on non Africans and start focusing on themselves. For a start, they must begin to produce goods that their people use and reduce imports. This would go a long way in reducing famine in Africa. Since most manufactured products from the West are full of chemicals, to encourage Africans to change their behaviour, emphasis should be placed on the unhealthy nature of imported goods and the organic benefits of local products. This would also help increase commercial exchange between different African countries as they export their local goods to each other.
 Health reasons should also be raised in efforts to reduce the growing use of pesticides in agriculture and the false idea that genetically modified foods would reduce hunger on the continent. The only thing that will reduce hunger in Africa is to discontinue the economic slave system which they continue to live under. Also, by wearing African clothes, they would give a tremendous boost to their domestic clothes industry and local cotton farmers and reduce the huge industry that has sprung up in Africa from importing second hand clothes from the West, which simply pumps money right back into the western economy. In fact, it is time for Africa to stop being the garbage dump of the West and to stop importing their second hand cars, shoes, clothes, etc. since Africans are totally capable of producing these products themselves and furthermore, have both the natural and human resources to do so. Africans must develop a liking for their own products again if they are to create jobs for their people and improve their standard of living. They must begin to reject everything that comes from outside of Africa. If they want something, they must produce it themselves. They must imitate Ghandi who brought an end to British domination in India by encouraging his people to stop wearing imported clothes from England and to start wearing their own again and this is what Africans must do to bring the 500 year old slave system to an end forever. Africans must follow the advice of the Ivorian economist, Nicolas Agbohou, Le Franc Cfa et L’Euro contre l’Afrique ( the French franc and the Euro against Africa) who explains in simple language why Africans must create a common currency. Africans from the Diaspora must increase their commercial ties with the continent by setting up more joint ventures in the motherland but they must be especially careful that the company they are doing business with in Africa is truly African owned, and not just a ‘front’ company. These are quite widespread in Africa as they have been created in order to prevent wealth falling into African hands.
Thirdly, everything must be done to reduce conflict in Africa. Our people must be made to understand that all wars on the continent are disastrous for all African people. Wars in Africa is another strategy that the West uses to generate trillions of dollars for Western companies The idea is to get Africans to fight each other since the West can sell more weapons (to both sides), make bigger profits, and create more jobs for their people.(secondary sector) Then, when the conflict ends, it is Western companies that are usually called in to rebuild the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, etc, (secondary/tertiary sector) that Africans destroyed in their folly and so once again, the West ends up making huge profits for themselves and their people at our expense  So, whatever the outcome of the war, only western countries benefit. Wars in Africa mean wealth for the West, but peace in Africa means wealth for Africans. Reducing western imports and reducing conflicts should become a slogan and the goal of African people. The money that Africa spends on its military budget should be redirected to the education and health budgets to improve the lives of Africans.
 Likewise, Africans should be fighting to remove all foreign military bases from the continent. Africom, the new American command in Africa, should be rejected by all African countries. In fact, it is a very ominous sign because 500 years ago when Europe was planning to invade Africa and enslave her people, they started building military forts all along the African coast. Before Mr. Blair left office he stated that “the state of Africa is a scar on the world”. This statement should not be taken at face value, especially since today Africa finds itself in the same situation as yesteryear. i.e. inadequately prepared militarily to repel its enemies and unable to defend either its land or its people. There should have been an immediate uproar from every corner of Africa concerning Africom because these are the same people who had the audacity to come to our homeland, attack and enslave us and continue to abuse us and steal our wealth today. But, this is again another glaring example of our people’s inability to discern what is or is not essential to the interests of African people. It seems that we have not learnt anything from our bitter past, yet we know that history has a strange way of repeating itself.
Yet, Africans must develop their own defense system without buying weapons from the West, in order to keep their military strength secret. This was Saddam Hussein’s mistake. They knew exactly what his planes and his rockets could do during the war because western companies had supplied him with all his military material. We have the resources to develop an indigenous defense system and ancestral knowledge that should be used to accomplish this. Of all the races on the planet, Africans are the most justified in developing a strong defense system since we are suffering the consequences today from that oversight, yet once again, we have been most negligent in this regard and have left African children exposed for other races to reenslave in future.
 Africa must move in the same direction as the Bolivian and Venezuelean presidents who have taken steps to secure their resources for the indigenous population. This is the reason the West hates Chavez, but Africans will eventually have to do the same. If Africans continue to send their wealth to enrich other people how can they expect to end their poverty? They must take back the jobs that were outsourced to Europe 500 years ago. This is the only way to stop malnutrition, unemployment and underdevelopment in Africa. It is no longer acceptable to hear African governments say they do not know how much money western oil companies take out of their countries every year. The time has come to put an end to this kind of laxism in the motherland. African people are partly responsible for the horrendous deaths that have occurred on this planet, since it is our resources that were used to create the most deadly weapons (atomic and nuclear) on the planet today. Strategic resources in the hands of those who ‘give life’ and those who ‘destroy life’ do not produce the same results and this is why Africans must begin paring back non African access to our mineral wealth and eventually bring it to a complete stop..
African governments and those who have wealth should do much more to support local entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors, etc, to stop the brain drain from the continent. Also, our young people should be encouraged to master the new technologies so that they can be used for the benefit of African people. All African countries must increase their demands for reparations from the West for the destruction, the genocide, the kidnapping and enslavement of African people and for the trillions of dollars, jobs and businesses that the racially segmented economic system has deprived Africa of for centuries. The idea that Africa owes a debt to the West is ludicrous. It is the West that owes Africa since they carried out an unprovoked attack and committed the most horrendous crime against Africa and her people and not the other way round and they continue to do so today through their racist economic system. Africans must reintroduce initiation rites among the young to teach them African, rather than Western values i.e. to live in harmony with other Africans, to respect the environment and women, to place high value on the individual rather than on his material possessions and most of all, to defend Africa from its enemies. Because initiation was an important part of African society, poverty, famine, constant wars, prostitution, prisons, racism and most of the other ills that plague our society today did not exist in Africa before the arrival of foreign invaders. What stands out in different African societies is the tremendous amount of order and harmony that reigned because of these rituals. The chaos and confusion on the planet today is because there are no rituals to help guide young people in the right direction.
African people must begin to attack the racial hierarchy in the economic system as ferociously as they attacked racism in the social hierarchy. If we can destroy racism, the sole problem on this planet, we would solve the major problems in society like housing, education, health, employment, etc. in one strike. Africans must refuse to be members of international organisations such as the WTO (World Trade Organization) since we know that they have been invented to maintain the racial imbalances in the economic system. If Africans at the recent summit in Lisbon were aware of this they would not even have attended. Also, they would negotiate from a completely different angle at international conferences. Instead of always begging the West to reduce their debt and subsidies to Western farmers, or to give them some special priviledge, in negotiations they would be attacking the racial hierarchy in the economic system and would put the West’s back against the wall by forcing them to prove that they really want to “empower Africans.” This would give Africans ample reason to retake control of their mineral resources, develop their own domestic market and introduce their own common currency. They would be rejecting unanimously the suicidal idea that a free and open market will bring wealth to African people, since it has never been practiced any where else on the planet. Every other continent protected its domestic industries first and only opened up their market to outsiders when they felt they were strong enough to compete, yet, they are asking Africans to do the exact opposite, when they know fully well that Africa is locked into the no growth sector of the economy and cannot compete with foreign companies. That is why we must seriously begin to challenge the rules of international commerce which keeps Africa locked into poverty.
Finally, Africa must slowly begin returning to the economic system that our ancestors used where each job had equal value and no one had to starve for a few to live well. The man who swept the street in traditional African society was just as important as the king, the doctor or the teacher. Even servants in traditional African society had voting rights and could sit at the same table as their master, something totally unheard of in either the Arab or the Western traditional world. This was how our ancestors behaved and this is how Africans must start behaving again as they wean themselves off the distorted and racist Western system.
Racial segmentation in domestic market
If you think that the racial division of labour only operates at an international level alas, it also operates domestically and we can find its exact replica in every part of the world. Take the USA for example, the most technologically advanced country on the planet. The people who live in the ghettos, mainly people of African descent, represent the primary sector of the economy. As the “tillers of the soil” they do all the menial and backbreaking work necessary as construction and factory workers, maids, security guards, etcetera. And just like in Africa, crime and endemic poverty is the result. However, while Africans blame their political leaders for their plight, it is the parents and young black males who are held responsible for the problems in the American ghettos. The real culprit i.e. a racially segregated economic system which excludes the ghetto from creating wealth is not even vaguely suggested. Worse, this segmentation has led to the break up of the African American family as black men have been intentionally removed from the workforce by imprisonment and replaced by black females. As a result, many African American households have now become single headed female households. According to Dr Claude Anderson, promoting the black woman is simply a strategy to ensure that wealth in the US remains in the hands of the white population since to truly lift most African American families out of poverty, they need households earning not one, but two salary incomes. The Asians as the “race of workers” are involved in textile distribution, restaurants, retail shops and people of European descent, “the race of rulers and soldiers,” are involved in banking, insurance, media, etc. I hope that African Americans now have a better understanding why Koreans control the black hair care industry in American inner cities and why their government prefers to bring in Asian immigrants rather than invest in improving their lives, although they have been there as long as and even longer than people of European descent. These are the same reasons why other industrialized countries continue to foster poverty in their midst.
The recent revolt in Villiers le Bel, a Parisian suburb, (French inner cities) after a collision between a police vehicle and an African and a Moroccan teenager on a moped, cannot be understood unless we understand how the racial division of labour in the economic system works and this urban violence will continue until we begin to attack its root cause. The ruling elite has already given their answer to the people in Villiiers le Bel. The police have said that those involved in the revolt (mostly teenagers from 15-17 years) are simply criminals, in other words, they do not intend to change their racist socieconomic system. They are already talking about setting up more sports facilities for urban youth to save them from crime. This is a classic response whenever the ghetto revolts. Have you ever asked yourself why they are always more interested in building sports facilities in the ghettos rather than setting up businesses? They do not want wealth falling into the hands of people who are the “tillers of the soil”. 

Another strategy they use to is to promote people like Rama Yada or Condoleeza Rice to high positions, to appease the people in the primary sector  who are excluded from society, by giving them the false illusion that they too have a fair chance of escaping from the ghetto. No one has bothered to tell them that in the capitalist system the people at the bottom (primary sector) must remain permanently impoverished, in order to be readily available to perform all the menial tasks necessary in society and to enrich those at the top. As a result, the majority of them will never achieve their goals. This incident simply confirms why it is so important for our people, especially our youth in the ghettos around the world, to understand the contents of this article, because just like in abusive relationships it is not the husband, the abuser, that will enact change, it is the wife, the abused victim who must start that process. It is only African people that can change their situation because the West never will. 
 Final thoughts

Until 711 AD when Arabs finally conquered Egypt and the destruction of African civilization began, African people were the movers and shakers of the world. In fact, there was a saying in the ancient world that “everything new comes out of Africa.” Since we have lost our leadership position the world has regressed in every possible area. Violence predominates today because the “race of soldiers and rulers” are in charge and a soldier by the very nature of his profession is violent. We have seen how the three sectors of the economy have been intentionally divided up along racial lines for the last 500 years and the changes that are occurring today as the Asians, the race responsible for the secondary sector, attempt to reposition themselves on the economic hierarchy. I personally do not wish to see either India or China become superpowers, especially the Indians, because it is India that has given us the present socioeconomic aberrations which African people are fighting against today. It was India, through its caste system and its religion, Hinduism, that first gave the world racism with its concept of an “untouchable people”, misogyny, the pursuit of material wealth, the schizophrenic, sadistic nature of the abuser, etc, which Europeans used with maximum effect to achieve their goals. In fact, today in India, the Dalits continue to be treated just like slaves and female infanticide has caused an imbalance in the male/female ratio. If we really want to understand western society, we should first study the history of India because this was the model that Europe used to create its own. Europeans simply fine tuned what their Ayran ancestors had started in India. By studying Indian history African people would not be so enamoured with the idea of India as the next superpower. As I am not a sucker for punishment, I am not in favour of either planet India (the name of a book on India’s rise) or planet China as models for African people because unfortunately, as trends in both India and China already indicate, the new models will simply be more of the same i.e. more exploitation, inequality, consumerism, racism, misogyny, environmental destruction and more violence and chaos on the planet.
As I have already pointed out, nothing can happen in the secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy without the primary sector and in this regard, Africa has an absolute advantage since she alone, has the natural resources that keeps the wheels of the racist economic system turning. So Africa, if she so chooses, can single handedly dominate all three sectors of the world economy. This is the major fear of the western world and is the reason that Africa has been intentionally restricted to the primary sector for the last 500 years. My question to the world wide African community is this, “Are African people going to continue to quietly sit back and allow themselves and their resources to be controlled forever by other groups who starve and abuse our people, and be content to receive peanuts from them, while they make trillions of dollars/euros from our resources, or are they going to come to their senses and retake their position as the movers and shakers that they once were? Isn’t it time for African people to let the West know that we do not need any solutions from the G8 countries, nor anymore fictitious concerts from their artists, nor any help from their phony humanitarian organizations? Shouldn’t African people make the West understand that their 500 year old game is over and that we, like the Asians, are no longer prepared to play by the same old rules? In fact, Africa needs no help from any country on the planet since it is the breadbasket of the world. What African people want is to be left alone to decide for themselves how to use their own resources and to be paid the correct price by those countries wishing to buy from them, just like all the other groups on the planet. This is the best gift the West can offer African people and should be the mantra of African people worldwide.
 As I have tried to show in this session, the problems of poverty, underdevelopment, war, crime and the other aberrations we see in Africa and in African communities around the world are not tied to negligent parents, corrupt leaders, African people not having business acumen, or all the other outlandish reasons that are given to explain why African people are consistently at the bottom of society, both economically and socially. The problem is that Africa tragically came into contact with a violent, lazy and mediocre people who cannot compete with her on an equal footing. To ensure that competition between the two groups never occur therefore, they invented a racially segmented economic system and  fixed the rules in such a way that they always end up one step ahead of African people. That is why they took the wealth producing sectors of the economy for themselves (secondary and tertiary) and gave Africa the sector which creates no wealth (primary) This obviously keeps Africans permanently at a social and economic disadvantage. As a result, African people all around the planet live in dire poverty, and this in turn creates all kinds of dysfunctional behaviour in African people. But this is the only way the West can rest assured that their worst nightmare will never become a reality. What is ironic is that children who behave like the West in school are called cheats and are often punished.
The West has only succeeded in maintaining its racist economic system for so long because of our ignorance in this area. During slavery, the economic sector was off limits to African people, since it concerned money and slaves were not allowed to accumulate wealth. When they realized that machines were going to replace men, aware of our ignorance in this area, to ensure that competition between the two races never occurred after slavery and thus end the capitalist system, the West simply changed the name to industrialization, but they never modified their racist economic system. They have maintained those racial disparities right up until today and this is the system we continue to live and work under, however most people are totally unaware of this. Unfortunately, our ancestors in their euphoria at being finally free only focused on the social inequalities in society, however, by leaving racism in the economic system intact, the West has been able to consistently bring back the social injustices that they fought so hard to destroy. For example, after African people had fought for centuries to destroy slavery, the West returned with apartheid and segregation. So our people were once again forced to fight against these two evils and when they ended, we thought it was over forever. But today they have brought it back again in the form of ghettos. It is like a hydra. As soon as you destroy one branch another springs up elsewhere. As a result, our people feel frustrated because in spite of all their efforts, they see very little change in our community and cannot understand why. African people have not been able to change their deprived circumstances or make much progress, because it is economic wealth that changes social status and not the other way round. So If we do not destroy the economic disparities first, it will be impossible to destroy the social inequalities. That is where the root of our problem lies.
Intentionally creating social injustice and economic disparities is the only way to ensure that Africa and the West never attain equal status either socially or economically, because if this situation ever occurs, Africans, as the life givers of the planet will firstly, easily surpass them and their fragile egos cannot accept this and secondly, will destroy the capitalist system which allows the West to enjoy a high standard of living at Africa’s expense. The capitalist system works like those pyramid schemes that people in North America enjoy playing. It is the people who are constantly coming in at the bottom of the pyramid which allows the people at the top to make lots of money and these pyramid schemes often crash, when people stop joining, because the system only works because it feeds off those at the bottom. Our economic system works in exactly the same way. The people at the top are only rich because they exploit those at the bottom and so this is why they always need a large number of poor people in society. Inequality and injustice therefore are an integral part of the capitalist system and that is why poverty and underdevelopment must exist, because if you remove them, the system cannot function anymore.
This is the main reason it is so difficult to get the West to abandon the capitalist system and why they persist in bringing it back under different forms all the time. It is absolutely vital that African people fully understand this because if we are to destroy this system forever, we must not leave one stone unturned as our ancestors did at the end of slavery. We must do like the Europeans when they conquered the world. They first attacked militarily, then spiritually, economically and educationally at the same time. We are to do exactly the same but in reverse order as we are militarily weak. We must first attack the economic system, then the educational, social and religious systems simultaneously. We must not leave one black man, woman or child in religion’s grasp or else we will fail to destroy this racist system like our ancestors before us.That is why we must intentionally target African children before the church teaches them to accept abuse directed against them as normal behaviour and before the educational system destroys their self esteem. We must not allow the church to teach African children ‘to turn the other cheek’ because this behaviour encourages bullying, and bullying is nothing more than violence against someone who is weaker than the bully. This idea has been strategically placed in the bible to prepare our children to accept abuse directed against them throughout their entire lives. We must therefore teach them not to tolerate violence directed against them under any circumstances. We must also point out to African children that slavery was the end of African civilization, and it is our duty to teach them the beginning since they will not be taught that in the educational system. This will tremendously enhance their self esteem and will in turn make them less tolerant of accepting abused directed against them and their people. This is how associations that work with victims of abuse get them to leave their abusers. They make them understand that violence against them is a criminal act and at the same time try to build up their low self esteem. By doing so they eventually get battered wives and those who are abused to finally abandon their abusers and this is what African people must also do. As we attack these areas simultaneously, Africa should be building up a strong defense system which it will not have to use because with increased knowledge, our people will automatically adopt behaviours and strategies which will sabotage the capitalist system, thus rendering it completely inefficient. This is why I mentioned earlier that we must become as meticulous and as thorough as the profiler because only when we do, will we end capitalism, racism and white supremacy on this planet once and for all.

Radically changing the racist economic system is the only viable solution for alleviating chronic poverty and underdevelopment in Africa and everywhere that African people are to be found, however, as long as our people continue to remain myopic, the West will make no changes to its racist economic system. In fact, they are quite content to hear us blaming our leaders, Aids, ethnic conflict, overpopulation, corruption, our youth, each other and everything else for our plight, while they just sit back and watch us slowly suffer and die. This blog is to help remove the blinkers from the eyes of our people, because the quicker we understand what the real stakes are on this planet, the quicker we can correctly identify which ones are of prime importance to our community and thus worth spending our time and energy on, and not continue to get bogged down with distractions and trivialities. Dr. Watson and the Barack Obama campaign come to mind. In my opinion, the real issue today is not about the rise of Asia. The real issue is the rise of Africa. Where do Africans intend to position themselves? Are they content to remain where they are or are they going to try and bring about radical change on this planet?  Only African people can decide. Today, the ball is in our court. Unfortunately, many people of African descent have not understood this yet, however, our enemy does and is already preparing to move into position with Africom.

Dr Cress Wesling in her book The Isis Papers states, “If you do not understand white supremacy, what it is and how it works, everything else will only confuse you”. She hit the nail right on the head. 
"Deceit gallops (ahead) for a hundred years, yet truth catches up to him in a single day". Haitian proverb 
Tune in next month when we will take a look at International Organizations.
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This article is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Walter Rodney, author of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa who was the first to help me understand the strategies the West used and continues to use to impoverish and underdevelop Africa, and to the African historian from Guadeloupe, Jean Philippe Omotunde  Verité et Mensonges (Truth and Lies) for providing the Ernest Renan quote which finally removed the veil from my eyes, to reveaI what had been staring me in the face all the time: i.e. the racial segmentation of the different sectors of the economy. Had it not been for that quote, I would still believe today like most people, that African leaders are the major obstacle to progress in Africa and that the economic system is simply a competition between different countries, rather than between different races.
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Food a Threat to Domestic Agriculture?

UN Integrated Regional
 Information Network NEWS
27 July 2007, Dakar
Food imports are keeping Sierra Leone from realising agricultural self-sufficiency and meeting the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating hunger by 2015, experts say. In a country where 80 percent of food is imported, mostly from the USA and Europe, the local agricultural industry is feeble and local farmers struggle to compete. "Sierra Leone faces a huge dependency on food importation, irrespective of the country's potential for agricultural production," Tennyson Williams, country director for the non-governmental organisation (NGO) ActionAid, told IRIN.
According to ActionAid, of the 780,000 hectares of available farmland in Sierra Leone, only 15 percent is being used for food production. The National Farmers' Association of Sierra Leone has called on the government to help improve capacity to produce food locally. Action Aid says a reduction of hunger in Sierra Leone can be brought about only by an increase in national agricultural productivity. The answer to hunger eradication lies in increased support for local farmers and not in "support of multinational companies; promotion of trade liberalisation and opening up countries for dumping of farm products from highly subsided farmers from the north", the group says.
Wasted potential
According to Williams, the potential for local production is far greater than what is being realised at present. "With sufficient support and training, local agriculture could feed those going hungry in Sierra Leone," he said. "The importing of food is cutting away at valuable livelihoods. If agricultural capacity was increased, it would create jobs, income and increased access to food." Williams said local crops are of higher quality than those being imported from Europe and North America. "Local rice is much better than imported rice; it is higher in nutritional value and more disease resistant. Yet the country continues to eat rice from outside its borders." Rice and chickens make up the bulk of food imports.
According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, 80 percent of Sierra Leoneans live in poverty and most households do not have access to sufficient food. ActionAid's Hunger Free Sierra Leone campaign, launched in the first week of July as part of a global effort to force governments to keep their pledges to cut world hunger in half by 2015, recommends that countries be given support to help them boost domestic agriculture.
...The nation's farmers are the country's food security...
The World Food Programme (WFP) also supports local capacity building efforts. WFP regional public affairs officer for West Africa, Marcus Prior, said: "WFP, whilst prioritizing deliveries for people who would otherwise go to bed hungry, is also working with farmers to help rehabilitate agricultural land and infrastructure as part of our efforts to contribute to the immediate as well as more long term recovery of the country...The nation's farmers are the country's food security."
Unmet goals
In 2002 Sierra Leonean President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah pledged to eradicate hunger in the country by 2007, saying in a statement: "I committed myself to do everything within my powers to ensure that within the next five years, no Sierra Leonean should go to bed hungry." Now, in 2007, Sierra Leone is not even near meeting the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating hunger by 2015. "The country's agricultural sector is too underdeveloped to reach this goal by 2015. It will take major policy changes, local participation and time, but we are still advocating progress," said Williams. Sierra Leone, which has recently emerged from a devastating civil war, has a rapidly growing population of over six million people. According to ActionAid, 852 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger. 

Nigerian undergraduate builds a helicopter in his back
By Emma Anya
 November 15, 2007

A 24-year-old Nigerian , Mr. Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, has shed light on how he successfully built a four-seater helicopter in the back yard of his parents in Kano, Kano State. Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts. Abdullahi, a Physics undergraduate at the Bayero University, Kano, said parts of the materials for the helicopter came from the carcass of the Boeing 747 which crashed near Kano in 2002. Other parts, he said, were pieces of old cars and motorbikes and aluminium purchased with a donation from his father and personal savings. “It took me eight months to build the chopper,” the Agence France Presse quoted him as saying in a report on Monday.  
The chopper, which has flown briefly on six occasions, is powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine. It is kitted out with seats from an old Toyota saloon car.The cockpit consists of a push-button ignition, an accelerator lever between the seats which controls vertical thrust, a joystick that provides balance and bearing. A small screen on the dashboard connects to a camera underneath the helicopter for ground vision, a set of six buttons adjusts the screen’s brightness while a small transmitter is used for communication. “You start it, allow it to run for a minute or two and you then shift the accelerator forward and the propeller on top begins to spin. The further you shift the accelerator the faster it goes and once you reach 300 rmp you press the joystick and it takes off,” Abdullahi explained from the cockpit. The chopper , measuring 12 metres (39 feet) long, seven metres high and five metres wide is considered a big for a four seater aircraft . It has never attained an altitude of more than seven feet.

As he filled the radiator of the banana yellow helicopter which he parks in the grounds of the BUK, Abdullahi said Nigerians were yet to see his best.He is almost completing work on a smaller helicopter-a two-seater- which he disclosed, is radically different from the first in terms of ‘sophistication and aesthetics.’ Currently just a spindly metal frame in the back yard, the new helicopter will be able to fly at an altitude of 15 feet for three hours at a stretch. It will be powered by a brand new motor engine.

Abdullahi, who also repairs computers and mobile phones, learned the rudiments of flying a helicopter from the Internet and first got the idea of building one from action films. He said,“I watch action movies a lot and I was fascinated by the way choppers fly. I decided it would be easier to build one than to build a car.” The undergraduate whose father teaches at the BUK, hopes— and still does hope — that Nigerian would one day stop importation of aircraft. ut this,according to him, can only be possible if the Federal Government and wealthy Nigerians come to his aid. o far, however, government’s response to his innovation has been underwhelming. Although some government officials got very excited when they saw him conduct a demonstration flight in Katsina State, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority has so far shown no interest in his aircraft.

Source: Rasta Livewire
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