African disrespect for their rich cultural traditions is leading to their self destruction

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Has West Africa Lost Her Cultural Identity?

A recent incident at Seme Border demonstrates the current trend toward disrespect of tradition and rulers in West Africa, leaving us to wonder about the future of our great continent. We must examine whether the Westernization of our people has gone so far that we have lost our cultural identity and what ultimately sets us apart from every other ethnic group in the world. Mother Africa as the cradle of civilization must fight to keep her ancient culture and traditions in tact, for without that we have reduced ourselves to the plight of other de-cultured,unconscious nations.

Several days ago, an Oba and his entourage were stopped at the border strip searched, and held 2 days in custody for being in possession of divining powder. Although the officers were informed about the powder prior to the assault, they were unfamiliar with iyerosun, and declared it to be a controlled substance. Their ignorance of Ifa accoutrements subsequently triggered an onslaught of harassment and degradation unfit for any member of society.

This particular event begs the question was this narcotic assumption made because the Oba and entourage were from the United States? As more Africans throughout the Diaspora become educated about their roots in West Africa and seek to reunite will they be denied access or subjugated due to the hidden agendas of border patrol? Further, we must consider the motive for such an attack against our own, whether they are monetary or the desire to belittle and discourage traditional practice we must be vocal in deeming this behavior unacceptable and anti-culture.

These questions are raised to seek truthful answers to these and larger concerns. There are certain protocols in dealing with Traditional Rulers and they must be respected. If we have lost or lose respect for these customs and traditions, the loss of our culture will not be far behind. We cannot allow the belittling or disrespect of our ancient culture, customs and traditions to become the normal way of doing business. If we do this, we become a people without culture. This must not be tolerated.

Culture, what is culture? Culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavioral patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human works and thought. Africa is the birthplace of culture or has she forgot her culture? I shudder at the thought that Africa has lost her values.

This mishap at the Seme Border was a most outrageous, immoral, illogical not to mention unethical act against culture, which ultimately is an attack on humanity. Has Africa lost its culture or has it just sold out for the almighty dollar, losing her identity along the way? This tragedy should never have happened. To treat an African Oba in such a manner, have we as a people been so turned out by Western ways, that we have forgotten what is at the core of our being? Have we forgotten that our tradition has determined our survival of the many atrocities perpetrated against us? Has Africa fallen so far that she wishes to cut her traditional ways?

The bloody nose that this royal family has endured is most unacceptable. I feel this should be a cry for Africa to wake up and heal herself. I am calling upon all of her children, all of the Traditional Rulers, all of the ECOWAS governments and officials to wake up and fight to keep our original, ancient culture in tact, because with out tradition we are lost. With out culture we cease to exist.

His Serene Highness Prince Atarwa AFFO Bienvenu Japhet, PhD
Kingdom Of Bacila- West Africa
Vice Chairman, West African Kings Conference

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