The pup wolf and the lamb

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By Abeba Isahac
Aug 29, 2007

I might have, in a previous article, used this little anecdote to illustrate the senseless and bizarre behavior of the belligerent western world, and am therefore finding it necessary to repeat it, based on the statements given by the State Department through their African American mouth piece the assistant Secretary of State, Jendayi Fraser, to put Eritrea on their list as a terrorist Nation, and therefore, by so doing, to pave their way for more adventurism into Africa.

The story is about two young innocent animals (a lamb and a pup wolf) who, in the beginning, were not aware of the danger that one of them could cause to the other. The wolf pup lived up on a hill, while the farm where the lamb lived in was on a valley. So, naturally, the wolf would look down and the lamb would have to look up for them to be able to chat as they both came to drink from the common running little stream of water that passed through from up the hill and went down to the valley.

After having promised and given their word of honor to each other, never to harm the other no matter what, the wolf, as time passed, true to his nature, seeing the lamb get fatter and bigger by the day, could not resist. And so, he started to look for trouble by blaming the lamb of muddying his drinking water, although she constantly reminded him that the water she drank from had to first pass through from where he was elevated, before it ever got to her. How then, she would ask him, could she ever be able to muddy a water that was coming from above? Nevertheless, he continued with his blame because he was looking for a pretext to break his promise in order to jump and eat her up.

The story continues, but up to here it should suffice just to demonstrate the actions of the State Department and the reasons behind it. Actually, if anyone asked the USA Government, “What has Eritrea ever done to you?” they would have to be quick on their feet to be able to find a good reason, of which they have none. The answer so often given by some honest politicians or citizens is that of “self interest” having nothing to do with democracy or any other ideology. It is purely an arrogant show of power, greed and meanness.

The USA Government could have put their God given power and riches to good use around the world, but they have instead chosen the ways of belligerence, killings, wars and destruction, and at that, with weaker and smaller nations which are already struggling to keep their heads above water, let alone to respond to US aggression. These deeds, will surely ultimately turn around and destroy them, as it did the wolf pup who could not suppress his greed and desire, nor keep his word of honor.

So, to continue with the anecdote, in order to justify his belligerence, the wolf kept complaining and blaming the growing beautiful lamb of the impossible, which is that she had muddied his water which had to first pass by him before it ever got to her, because he was elevated on top of the hill from where came the source of the stream, while she lived down in the valley. He was literally saying that streams run up hill. In the same way that America does when she wants to pick a fight, as the world has so many times witnessed in the past and most recently in the Iraq war where they shamelessly fabricated pretext after pretext even before the United Nations.

To come back to our story, the pup, before taking any action, then asked the lamb a question. “What” he asked, “would happen to those who break promises, would the punishment from God be instant, or would it go further to one's descendents? She replied: “to their descendents until the seventh generation” So he quickly jumped to gobble her up alive, but since the farm she lived in was fenced by sharp spikes, he fell right on it which tore opens his stomach in two. Before dying he asked her: “did you not tell me that the punishment would fall on generations to come? To which she replied: “Perhaps you had it coming from your ancestors, who knows.

The American people should not take all this lying down, but should instead take advantage of their democracy to let it be known that they do not accept all this adventurism and mistreatment of weaker nations around the world, in their name. Jendayi Fraser and Condoleezza Rice, as African Americans, should also not accept to be the pawns who help to destroy the continent of the origin of their ancestors. If they truly value the struggles of their ancestors for freedom and justice, they should resign protesting such inhumane actions and not become its instruments. Surely, they must have built enough connections by now in order to get future cushy jobs.

With all their God given riches, power and might, America, instead of spending it all on destroying and exacerbating the sufferings of this world, by, to mention just a few, creating chaos, famine, sadness, poverty and migration all around the world, should be in the business of taking care of its sick and poor and improving the quality of life of its own people, and the American people should let it be known that they have no ill will toward the rest of the world. If  a people  which claims to be the strongest democracy in the world have no power to make their voices heard, then what is the use of democracy? So far, the present administration does not even listen to its people, and nor do they adhere to international law. This enough should declare them as the most dangerous terrorists' administration the world has ever seen. For what is terrorism but the act of threat, as Jendayi Fraser is doing, and the hijacking and oppression of a people like which is being done in Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, and many plenty more other places in the world, by clandestine proxy?

If we look back at all the lies and intrigues that were being used in order to occupy Iraq , who in his right mind these days would believe the UN monitoring group who are claiming that: “large quantities of arms, including surface-to-air missiles were flowing from Eritrea to Somalia?” And who would believe Jandayi Fraser's fabrication that the United States had intelligence that backed up the U.N. report? How many times have we heard that before, only to find it all empty without an iota of truth in it?

By the grace of God, Eritrea, protected by truth, will always prevail!

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