Black community in Europe plan to march against racism and Negrophobia on March 21st

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black european march against racism

black comunnity collective of eurpean union 13.01.2008

On 21 march the International Day against Racism, Black European NGOs will march in Brussels -EU commission in protest for impunity and many cases of skin nazi racism against -negrophobia, for reparation, in demand of affirmative action policies by the EU Commission. And justice for brither Jalooh a blackmas burned in a police cell in germany and other victims of racist terrorist On International Day Against Racism & Negrophobia 2008

On the International Day against Racism, Black European NGOs will march in Brussels in front the EU commission in protest at many cases of racism against black people or negrophobia, in demand of affirmative action policies by the EU Commission.



Sisters and brothers:

Black communities in EU Peckham –London, Torrejon-Madrid, San Francisco-Bilbao, Belmar-Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, Milan, Marseille, La Cartier–Paris, Matongue-Brussels, Almeria, Rome, Berlin, Amadora-Lisbon etc…

You know that Black People, more than any other group, suffer from poverty, alcoholism, dropping out of school, young pregnancies, sexist brutality against women, ghetto life, homelessness, poor nourishment, degraded schools, institutional racism, political invisibility, tutelage of NGO, unemployment, negrophobia in the media and the murder and explotation of the African working class.

Two centuries after the so-called abolition of slavery 1807-2007 , every European policy on the Black Community still based on white supremacy, assistentialism, tutelage, charity and a neo-colonial relationship through thousands of NGOs. These white NGOs in the European Union (ENAR, CEPAIL, ECRI) receive too much money in the name of the so-called integration of immigrants. If they continue controlling money in the name of black people, our children will be more and more isolated politically.

Anywhere you go in black communities in Europe, you will see the same kind of policy based on institutional racism and white NGOs, which controls our resources and can therefore never defeat racism. Institutional racism is part of their modus vivendi . We are aware of the historic hostility against the articulation of a black agenda in EU policies. The silence on the kidnapping of our kids in Chad is the clearest demonstration of this.

A study lead by the Fundacion Vida-Grupo Ecologico Verde shows that white workers earn 34% more money than black workers in Europe. White NGOs receive from the European Social Fund and the European Commission 93% more money that any Black Organization.

Now we should understand why it is that Black Communities are impoverished and suffering from multiple problems wherever we are located around Europe. 200 years after the abolition slavery, the Black Community is still to see the so-called European democracy. We are excluded by the European Commission and the European Union from any agenda.

Black Communities suffer more than any other from racist impunity, including the murders of more than 626 blacks every year. The victims include Osamuyi Aikitanyi, Lucrecia Perez, Murab, Jalloh, Antonio Fonseca, Agusto Nodmble, and Ibrahim Samb in Spain.

There is also the case of Miwa, a Congolese father of four children, who was beaten by a Nazi skinhead paramilitary group in Spain, as well as the cases of Brother Senfo Tonkam and Brother Christopher Nosh, who suffered terrorist attacks by Nazi skinheads; when they defended themselves, the German police treated them as criminals. We also saw the case of the ship abandoned at sea by the Malta government, which led to the deaths of 32 African refugees.

We saw the case of 3 Black Women who were raped by football players of the UK first league in Murcia Spain , and nothing happened; the killing of brother Jalloh burned in a police cell in Dessau, Germany; the sister who was killed in Belgium when she was working in the street; the massacre at the walls of Ceuta y Melilla; the social degradation and poverty of black people in Portuguese ghettos like Santa Filomena or Quinta de Mocho. In France, 23% of the penitentiary population consists of Africans... The FRONTEX attacks only black immigrants..
. This kind of activity creates negrophobia in the media, facilitating police brutality and the impunity of Nazi skinheads.

Where is the so-called European opportunity for all? How we can defeat poverty as stated in the Millennium Goals if they exclude us, the poorest? Where are the affirmative action policies promised by the EU? The African youth riots in Paris in 2005 show us that our children are deeply frustrated by racism, and trying to organize themselves in an attempt to find responses and to change our social conditions.

These terrorist attacks and crimes against the Black Community are accompanied by the silence and complicity of the European Commission. Despite about 20 million of black people paying taxes in the EU, it does not recognize the existence of the Black Community in the Lisbon or Schengen treaties, despite recognizing other communities. As Malcolm X said, our independence must be based on unity. Our struggle for reparations in Europe is the most necessary struggle today and the future of our children. We must to able to fight for our unity and visibility as a Black Community in the European Union.

As the Black Community in Europe, we represent 23 million people, and some studies estimate that we could be 43 million in 2050. We should not be seen as immigrants, but as a large ethnic minority. We must promote such a view in the interests of our children, the African working class, families, immigrants, refugees and the poor within the European Union. We as Africans have a responsibility to unite in our struggle to claim civil rights and to win reparations. The Durban conference and the grassroots struggle of black organizations in Europe show us that we, as a community, have the opportunity and responsibility to do that in Europe today.

On March 21, 2008 in the capital of Europe for the 3rd time in history we are going to exercise our human right to liberate ourselves from oppression in unity. Winnie Mandela teaches us to open a public debate about the fairness and correctness of the strategies that our community needs to win freedom, unity and democracy now. In the 19 century, we fought for freedom against slavery; in the 20th century, we fought against colonialism and neo-colonialism, civil rights, socialism and democracy, and now we are fighting for reparations.

Since the Durban Conference, the movement for reparations has grown around the world .Today, it is one of the real liberation movements uniting black grassroots organizations around Europe. This march wants to recognize the different efforts to seek reparations by black organizations, such as the Anti-colonial conference in Berlin, Global African Congress, ITRAP, March for Africa in Spain, Black european Women’s Conference in Vienna, Without Document Movement in France, Switzerland Conference in 2006, ASI Conference in London, Pan-Afrikan Coalition Reparation in Europe, AU-Diaspora consultive Conference in Paris, last Pan-African Conference in Munich…and many others.

As Nkrumah teaches us, Pan-Africanism must be something more than nice ideas that you can only study in a college or nice hotels.We have the responsibility to give continuity to the strong work done by two great African freedom fighters in Europe, Tcham Bissa and Lester Lewis, to back Pan-Africanism in its root: the human resources.

Yesterday we were slaves or maroons, today we are legal immigrants or refugees, illegal-poor peasantry, African working class. We feel and believe that our mission and vision of African freedom cannot exist without a challenge. The reparation movement in Europe must open the way to the participation and renovation of the struggle of young people. History and our children are watching us. Future generations of black kids will know of this historically new process of unity in Europe.

On March 21, 2008, the International Day against Racism, we, the black community collective of the European Union, will march in Brussels for unity and reparations. Will march for affirmative action and civil rights for immigrants, refugees and black women. We will march in support of the victims of racism and their families.

We will march against police brutality, to win better conditions for the Afrikan working class, against the criminalization of Afrikan youth, for grants for black students, in support of African refugees from Africa and Colombia. We will march to denounce the inter-cultural mediation and against the impunity of Nazi skinheads. We will call for the illegalization of racist political parties. We will march to change the historic indifference and to win the compromise of the African House Negro elite (intellectuals, diplomats, athletes and artists).

We as a black organization want to invite all reparation movements, immigrant associations, African activists and organizations, African media, students’ organizations and the Black Community in Europe to enjoy, support and participate in this march not only for them, but for the future of their children and all human beings in this world.

Lisbon Amadora Portugal 4-5 December 2007

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