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Robbing Peter in order to Pay Paul

By Abeba Isahac
Jan 3, 2008

While the Bush administration is pretending to fight terrorism in places where terrorism never really existed, but where now insurgency is being created as a resistance to the occupation of the belligerent and lawless Americans, which can hardly be called terrorism, but which America likes to label as terrorism so as to justify their occupation, terrorism itself on the other hand, seems to be thriving and flourishing unimpeded in other places where the United States claims to be an ally, and where they are pouring out their money by the billions, which seems to be going no where near eliminating terrorists but rather looks like it is helping in their multiplication.

Somalia and Iraq never did harbour or breed terrorists, but they were nevertheless illegally attacked, occupied and dominated, under the noses of the international community and the United Nations –whatever the difference, as well as under the noses of the Arab League and the African Union, in the case of Somalia, sending all the charters under which all these organizations stood, down the drain.

Pakistan, a place which is infested with terrorists, where even the Taliban had always found refuge, and according to intelligent rumours, where Osama Bin Laden could most probably be hiding in, even presently, never did get attacked by the Americans, but instead is getting compensated by billions of dollars for supposedly fighting terror. The same goes with Afghanistan, the very home of the Taliban from where the terror which took place on 9/11 in New York originated. Again, after the slap on the wrist that Afghanistan got, relative, of course, to what Iraq and Somalia are suffering through, both countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan have not been occupied but rather today enjoy a relatively stable government that they can call their own, albeit chosen and kept standing by the big powers' backings.

On the other hand, the two innocent nations, Iraq and Somalia, that had nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism or the unfortunate 9/11 incident in New York, have been destroyed to smithereens, with millions of their people having had to escape to neighbouring nations, while tens of thousands died, and those who remained having to face death every day, caused by insurgents acting as a newly born terrorist organization, compliments of the USA and its allies, who came into existence only to resist their occupation.

Had terrorism been genuinely fought in the right places from the beginning, and had the billions of dollars doled out by the Bush administration, to buy off the servitude of certain corrupt dictators, called allies, been instead genuinely spent on terrorism, perhaps former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto would probably be alive today. But the fight against terrorism was merely a cover up for the United States to attack places it had long had its eyes on but for some reason could find no reason or pretext to attack or occupy, especially in these times where mere walk-in colonialism, as we knew it, had become obsolete.

Iraq was falsely attacked and the act was made to look like it was a vindication for 9/11 in order to appease the American people for the attack in New York, after having made them believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with it, and were also told that if not eliminated he still posed a danger to the USA because he was building nuclear weapons, all of which, of course, were misleading and false statements just to be able to control the oil in Iraq, which they of course deny, but only say that they just went in to introduce democracy and free the Iraqis of a brutal leader.

Somalia's attack could have double intentions. One could be to vindicate old grudges which might make Americans feel better, after the decade old dragging of the bodies of dead American soldiers in the streets of Mogadishu, at a time when American soldiers, under the pretext of bringing food, had instead entered Somalia in search of their president Aideed, with the intention of killing him. That was the reason behind the anger and rage which the Somalis displayed at the time, a fact which the western media does not disclose to the world and especially not to the American people. The other reason might be in order to appease the weyane either by promising them access or an outlet to the sea/ocean, while giving them a proxy control over the whole of the Horn of Africa.

That was also the mission of Jendayi Frazer who uttered the magic word of terrorism and tried to attach it as a label to Eritrea and its leadership, while at the same time recommending a change of regime. Her statement was a clear cut belligerent preamble disclosing her country's evil intentions toward Eritrea and its people, just in order to appease her so-called ally on terrorism, the weyane. This is how America speaks these days when it wants to attack, not necessarily dirtying her hands, but of ourse through her surrogates. I guess the recent touch and go games being played by weyane these days is what it is all about.

And speaking of the recent touch and go on the borders, while the weyane foreign minister adamantly denied the whole episode ever took place as follows “The latest accusation made by the Shaebia government should be taken as a baseless and fabricated act.”, the weyane leader's adviser Bereket Simon said it was the act of the opposition. The question is, how did he know that it was the opposition? This is what Berekt Simon said “The said attack has to do with Eritrea's confrontation with internal opposition elements.” Then, since by this statement he is admitting that an attack did indeed take place, no matter who it was, whether it was the Eritrean opposition or Russian mercenaries, the buck stops at the weyane administration. They are responsible for any entity they allow to cross from their side of the border to Eritrean sovereign land. They should be able to control and secure their side of the border.

So what is the United States of America up to, with her game of ‘robbing Peter to give to Paul' kind of actions? It is now obvious, and the world has been made quite aware for long, that the cover of introducing democracy or fighting terrorism has been completely blown off. Naturally they will have to appease the few friends and mercenaries they have created, such as ignoring the Palestinian cause in exchange for Israeli support, or blemishing Eritrea's name before the world, and trying to impede her growth, in order to appease their weyane servants whom they can buy to do their dirty work for them. Back home too there are corporations to think about who control all elections and votes, and who perhaps have helped the rise of the Bush family. So Venezuela and Cuba will have to go so that American corporate CEOs could again go there to  play golf and dance as they pleased. And So it Goes – as Linda Ellerbe would say.

Happy New Year everyone!

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