White man's wars, past and present, only spell regression

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White Man's Wars, Past and Present
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford, for Black Agenda Radio
"We must cease collaborating with the engines of death
Racism is the engine that makes the rich man's world go ‘round. Majorities of white people of all classes identify with their moneyed-brethren, and can be counted on to rally to the racist banner. Such is the case with the U.S. offensive in the Middle East, and the villlianization of Muslims in general. "Eternal war" is now American policy, but it is a war that has gone on without end for half a millennium, since the Europeans "discovered" new regions for rape and pillage in 1492. They have since described their march of death as the spread of "civilization." Tell that to the 95 percent of indigenous Americans who died when the Europeans arrived, or the tens of millions of Africans whose societies were totally destroyed by the slave trade. And tell it to the one million Iraqis who have perished in the current war.
We used to call them the "White Man's War's." Now that phraseology is out of favor, but I think it still applies. Racism is the fuel in the engine that drives the popular appeal for the White Man's wars, now centered in the Middle East previously in Southeast Asia, but...who knows where next? The real motive is profit, but the people who reap the profit are a very small group, who need a much larger polity to support their aggressions around the world.
Our children are told that the last five centuries of European conquest of the planet are the apex of civilization - when, in fact, they have been the nadir of human relations, resulting in structural racism that destroys everything that does not conform to its piratic imperatives. The United States, the superpower, continues the mission, long after the Europeans have been largely exhausted by the game of slaughter and pillage. The Americans - and by this I mean white Americans, the people who support war - are conditioned by their own aggressions throughout their history to expect retaliation, and to blame the victim. Thus, the Indians, the native owners of the land, were demonized as savages who had no right to life. In the same way, the Africans, who were kidnapped and sent into the eternal hell of chattel slavery, were deemed to be animals with no more rights than cows and chickens. On this basis American "civilization" was born.
"The great obstacle in setting the planet right is the United States white public."
The United States has sliced and bayoneted its way through more countries than Hitler ever dreamed of. We hear the echoes of white American Manifest Destiny in every phrase uttered by the ranks of the Democratic Party that are allowed to speak on corporate media. Barack Obama wants 100,000 new troops to protect "American interests" in the world. John Kerry assures folks that America will "be there" to protect "our interests," whatever the cost. Hillary Clinton and the rest affirm the dictum. They all use the same language of imperialism: "our interests," an open-ended phraseology of thievery, that says: I will steal whatever I want, whenever I want.
The Bush regime prescribes eternal war. That's really just an extension of the global war that has gone on for half a millennium, since the European breakout of 1492. However, the world is rolling back on that horrendous offensive, and reclaiming itself. It will take time, and there will be uneven development. The great obstacle in setting the planet right is the United States white public, which thinks it has a mission in a world whose countries they cannot even find on the map. They kill people whose homes have no addresses that they would recognize. This is truly the banality of evil. But the edifice of white racist rule of the planet will crumble - is crumbling - and a new humanity will emerge. In the interest of the human species, we must cease collaborating with the engines of death, as personified by the Republican Party and the "top tier" of the Democratic candidates for president.
The genocides must end - and they end, here.


Africa was smelting Iron when Europe had not the faintest idea of furnaces. When Africas Timbuktu University was teacing the science of Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology, Cambridge and Oxford, Cordova and Charles, Sarbonne and Harvard and Yale, had not yet been imagined. Europes rude intervention blunted Africas march to progress and threw the continent back to that darkness from which Europe itself had just emerged, who knows to what heights Africa might have ascended if she had been left in peace to pursue her own destiny in her own sweet ways. Is about time the west leave Africa in peace to man its own affairs. Indeed the whiteman is not a friend.
Africans Beware, Enough is Enough . And our new breed of African leaders please wake up from your slumber. The western hypocrisy and double standard must end now for peace and justice to prevail in Africa and the world. Alas, Africans must also develop our own political ideology and system of governance which will be an alternative to the capitalism of the west and socialism of the east pracitised by the aryan whites, these so-called whitewash idelogies has caused our division for so long, we are tired of being copy cats. Africans, must also strategise our own economic renaissance policies for the development of BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT on our continent.
 Finally, if the contemporary African leaders know that they cannot perform then they give the chance to the dynamic and vibrant young people within the civil soceities to champion the cause of our prosporous continent, so far our leaders performance is so abysmal to solve our problems which I believe are not monumental, it can and must be solved. We citizenry must also see ourselves one people, indeed as AFRICA-PHONIES, rather than Anglo-phones, Franco-phones, Lusophones, Saxo-phones etc, we must either UNITE or PERISH.

Comrade Kingsley

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