How racism in America is kept alive

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How Racism in America is Kept Alive

First of all, Blacks are not the initiators of racism and can never be attributed the label of reverse racist because Blacks are the victims of racism, period. Racism is engrained in the psyche of whites from before day one of the founding of America and will continue as long as the public media has its way. 

From newspaper headlines to Hollywood movies, to institutional research and reports to the social structure of the country, race factors in almost everything relayed to the public and/or spoken of in American society. First, Hollywood of course places whites at the forefront of any and everything standard when portraying life in America. In most television shows and movies, whites dominate the screen thus giving the illusion that whites are representative where anything about life matters. They have the  leading roles, make up the majority cast of characters, and are exalted as the ultimate problem solvers. 

Second, every newspaper that matters are run by whites so they determine what is news and how it is delivered to the public; what images to display and what the headlines say. They even decide what the conclusion the reader should come to. In magazines, books (especially text) they determine the content, the premise and the conclusion; and they are the major players based on the plot of white life. 

Third, whites design research reports in areas of science (medical, technology, and social), economics, and lifestyle, thus determining who is who, how they live and what provisions and solutions are available for them. Most of the time the outcome favors white prominence over all other races. Furthermore, in their plots, research and reports, they divide the country by race as in hyphenation i.e., whites, non-whites Hispanic, African, Asian, ect., thus laying the foundation for the practice of actual racism. On applications, surveys, and studies, everything is segregated by racial background, which makes for a sure ground of a segregated society.  
As a result, race is used in determining authority, class, economics, educational achievement, intelligence levels, bank loans, assumed behavior, and anything to do with life, as we know it, in which all is dependant on the favor of white rule. As time goes on, regardless of legislation passed, political affiliation, protest, or complaints, the mentality of racial division is prevalent and ingrained deep within the minds of whites, whether elite, working-class, or trailer trash, and they pass this mindset on to their children by way of all of the above methods. Through media images, mainstream content, and research reports, all are subliminal superiority portrayals of themselves over other races and cultures: modern day propaganda.
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