Appeal to the sons and daughters of Africa

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An Appeal To The Sons And Daughters Of Mother Africa -
 To Those At Home And Abroad By Dr. Ousmane Ba

In the face of the bewildering and escalating dramatic crisis unfolding right before our eyes and shaking the continent, from Cape to Cairo and from Dakar to the Horn of Africa, it is increasingly becoming untenable to continue to dwell on the sidelines of non-involvement while the gloomy destiny of the Continent is once again hanging in a precarious balance.

The world has now fully recognized the global strategic importance of Africa as the Last Frontier in our cosmos with respect to the countless unfathomable vital resources stored in her underground. This knowledge is indeed old hat to the developed world for centuries, as it was the very reason why colonial powers scrambled for Africa, ruthlessly engaging in conflict for control of land and resources, and competing for power and influence, finally coming to a truce at the 1884/85 Berlin Conference when the region was divided up between contending parties. 

This historical flashback is imperative if at all we are to ontextualize and comprehend the contours and thrust f current events which are indicative of a recurring cenario, strongly reminiscent of those fateful days of Western hegemony.  Driven by their selfish expansionist interests, nations from West and East, once again guided by their unquenchable thirst for oil and other vital minerals continue to meet their development needs at the expense of poor nations on the continent; and this, at any cost and by any means necessary, often with poisoned gifts to their African lackeys or by fueling and fanning the ambers of conflict to push their pre-conceived agenda.

Paradoxically, people of African descent across the Diaspora are the missing element in this equation. As Africa’s legitimate heir they must be instrumental in developments and have their say in the shaping of the destiny of the region, perhaps even more than other stakeholders. African people can no longer afford to remain amorphous and indifferent while Mother Africa, as a theater of externally orchestrated violent genocidal conflict, is being beset by epidemics, abject poverty, famine, ruthless exploitation, and widespread destruction of vital infrastructure, causing massive population displacement and millions of refugees most of whom are children and women.

It is within this context that we are issuing this appeal to all Africans at home and abroad to pool our little pennies together and commit these funds to the honorable and lofty cause of building a school infrastructure to educate our disinherited youth from a culture of dependency into one of self-help, unity, tolerance and self-determination. African-centered education, it is our conviction, is key to mental and economic emancipation. Never again should we remain idle and entrust our redemption on paternalistic promises of aids/donations (with strings attached) from any external party with hidden motives; let’smake it our business to fund our own.  This prospect is measurable and attainable.

A visionary African American civil rights leader’s cogent remarks ought to be our food for thought as he reminded that: "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

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