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Straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the military's marketing efforts.

Military service for all Ugandans
Military training is to be made compulsory for all Ugandans, the ruling party has announced. Anyone who failed to undertake the training would be punished, said National Resistance Movement Secretary General Amama Mbabazi. The decision was adopted at a five-day party retreat, where leaders participated in military drills and learnt to handle AK-47 rifles. The NRM seized power in 1986 and won multi-party elections last year. President Yoweri Museveni only retired from the army in 2004, to meet a legal requirement which bars serving soldiers from being active members of a political party.
Voluntary military service for 18-year-olds, known as "mchaka mchaka", was introduced after Mr Museveni came to power in 1986.  But the system fizzled out in the early 1990s after parents stopped sending their children to military training camps where they were also taught political ideology. The NRM has been talking  about re-introducing it for several years.
Opposition parties have condemned the move, according to local media reports. Democratic Party Leader John Ssebaana said it was useless. "This is a gimmick for the party to siphon money from the treasury," he told the Daily Monitor newspaper. The Forum for Democratic Change, led by President Yoweri Museveni's arch rival, Dr Kizza Besigye, said it would wait to debate merits of the proposal in parliament. "I think they have brought this now to divert attention from their wrongful act of dressing MPs in military uniform," said FDC spokesman Wafula Oguttu. Eritrea is the only African country to have compulsory national military service.
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Fake firm gets nuclear license in U.S. govt sting
By JoAnne Allen
Thursday July 12, 2007

Undercover investigators, working for a fake firm, obtained a license to buy enough radioactive material to build a "dirty bomb," amid little scrutiny from federal regulators, according to a government report obtained on Wednesday.The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued the license to the dummy company in just 28 days with only a cursory review, the Government Accountability Office said in a report to be released on Thursday.  

The GAO, which set up the sting, said the NRC approved the license after a couple of faxes and phones calls and then mailed it to the phony company's headquarters -- a drop box at a United Parcel Service location. "From the date of application to the issuance of the license, the entire process lasted 28 days," the GAO said. "GAO investigators essentially obtained a valid materials license from the NRC without ever leaving their desks." The NRC oversees the U.S. nuclear industry and nuclear material safety issues.  
The GAO report said its undercover agents made counterfeit copies of the license, changed the wording to remove restrictions on how much they were allowed to buy and then ordered enough radiological materials to build a dirty bomb. The GAO, a nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, said its investigators did not take possession of the radiological materials.U.S. officials have warned that militant groups, including al Qaeda, could use conventional explosives and material from sources as common as hospital X-ray departments to build so-called dirty bombs that could spread radioactive waste across urban centers
The GAO sting was requested by a Senate panel that has been exploring post-September 11 security gaps in the U.S. government's regulation of radioactive material. The senior Republican on the panel, Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, said the panel found the NRC was issuing licenses for "dangerous" level materials before visiting facilities making the applications.
"The NRC's first visit to the facilities could be up to one year after the license was issued. That's like handing out a gun license and waiting a year to do the background check," Coleman said in a statement. The GAO recommended the NRC improve its process for examining license applications for radioactive materials and explore ways to prevent the counterfeiting of licenses.

Straight talk from Hort

I am so happy that the internet is helping the public understand that war is not a hollywood movie. It's not about getting a better education, or having a better life or escaping from the ghetto. That's all propaganda.  The reality is that  the military is a profession like any other. Just like teachers teach, doctors heal, soldiers kill.  When you enlist as a soldier that is what you agree to murder and kill since that is your job. This movie puts war back in its right context. since for many years now there has been a tendency to decrease the seriousness of war so that  poor young people can be recruited to fight.

Let us not forget that the military is also one of the biggest industries on the planet.  That is why wars are intentionally started so that factories, which manufacture guns, rockets, bombs, mines, ammunition etc, can continue to create jobs for people and generate humongous profits for the warmongerers. This quote from a book on British history explaining why Europeans waged war on each other for centuries,  and which they later infected the whole world with, makes that quite clear. "War means wealth, peace means poverty". As you can see, only through constant war can countries attain wealth since the conquerer simply confiscates the wealth of the conquered. Unfortunately today, war is still considered the shortest route to acquiring wealth hence Iraq, the Congo, Darfur, Afghanistan, etc, etc. Perhaps you may now understand why  peace has been such an illusive goal to achieve to date.

I can only reiterate once more that young black men and women should avoid all wars as they are just a means to take away what lawfully belongs to others. They are never to liberate us from oppression.

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