After push for unity in the motherland, Africans now push for African-Diasporan unity

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Summit in Jamaica Named Dr. Dudley Thompson Chief Elder & President of Diaspora Region

July 19, 2007
Contact: Rev. P.D. Menelik@ 404-527-7756

"Not only are they wicked for enslaving our ancestors but worse, they have stubbornly and consistently refused to confess their crime against humanity… They must pay for their debts because we expect them to respect our full dignity” stressed His Excellency Dudley Thompson at both Marcus Garvey’s Liberty Hall and at the Mona Campus, University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.  

With great anticipation by the participants of the Pan African Movement Summit mainly from the U.S., the Caribbean (Jamaica), Canada, Europe, Central America and Africa, the Honorable Dudley Thomson was elected as the first Chief Elder and President of the African Diaspora region of Africa during a challenging but unforgettable gathering of Africans. According to His Excellency, “The result of the Summit is historic and a great leap forward for the full integration of the Africans of the Diaspora as a powerful family partner for the rebuilding of our Motherland, Africa.” The esteemed elder is one of few Pan Africanists still alive from the 5th Pan African Congress of 1945 and the anti-colonial freedom struggles. For decades, he has worked with major leaders such as President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica and President Moshood Abiola of Nigeria.

The theme of Summit in Jamaica from July 16-18, 2007 was Political Determination - for Cultural and Economic Rebirth. The PAM Summit resolution called for Honorable Dudley Thompson to hold the office of Chief Elder and President of the Interim Secretariat of the African World (Diaspora) Union (ISAWU) for the year 2007-2008 and to immediately organize a Council of Leaders for the Africans in the Diaspora. The Summit resolution also called for the: Interim Secretariat of the African World (Diaspora) Union (ISAWU) leaders to be chosen mainly from among nominations submitted at the Summit; development of a Pan African Plan for the reconstruction of African communities; organizing cultural programs and campaigns for the re-education of African people; convening annual summits across the Diaspora leading to the first Pan African Convention of Diaspora leaders in 2010; expansion the African Union troops in Somalia and the Sudan and the withdrawal of foreign bases from Africa; and for African leaders to prioritize their work for a central government in Africa. Other resolutions called for Africans to support the rights Africans in Columbia, repatriation, reparations and the Ethiopian/African Millennium Celebration in September.

The priority of the Jamaica Summit was to begin forming a structure for the building a strong Diaspora Region that will influence the creation of an All African government in Africa as a mandate of Pan Africanism and in light of the recent African Union failure to unify Africa under one central government during the 2007 AU Summit’s “Grand Debate” in Ghana. During the AU Summit, the leaders of Senegal , Libya, Ethiopia , Liberia , Chad and Zimbabwe championed the cause for an immediate united states of Africa but were strongly opposed by leaders of Uganda , Nigeria and South Africa . Elombe Brath, Co-convener of the Summit lamented that “some African leaders have not appreciated their particular role in history at a time when foreign powers are competing for domination over a balkanized Africa .” The failure of the AU Summit in Ghana has indeed already led volatile states such as Liberia to submit to U.S. Africom (military command center) to be based in Liberia . Minister P.D. Menelik Harris, the RHAWPAM Summit Organizer pointed that the failure in Ghana highlights “a peculiar (colonial) disdain and disregard by too many African leaders for African people, our interests and vision, to the point of cursing oneself.” The minister was a student organizer during the anti-apartheid movement to liberate South Africa and other frontline states and has helped to spearhead both the Nigerian Democracy Movement and the recent fair trade for Africa bill with the African Diplomatic Corp.

Some key other participants and supporters of the 2007 Summit in Jamaica were: Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Vice President of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC); Nana Norma Yaa Farika, former official Diaspora delegate to the OAU 6th Pan African Congress (PAC) & 7th PAC organizer; Minister Akbar Muhammad, Nation of Islam (NOI) Representative to Africa; Elombe Brath of Patrice Lumumba Coalition (PLC)/December 12th Movement; Mutabaruka, Artist and Activist; Dr. Roselea Hamilton, Office of the Prime Minister; Ms. Maxine Stowe, Jamaican Creative Artist Network; Michael Henry, Representative of the Jamaica Parliament; The Dr. Karen Carpenter, Jamaican Language Unit, UWI; Dr. Ashe Hamilton-Taylor, Science and Technology, UWI, Queen Mother Moses, Rastafari; Zaki Baruti, Universal African Peoples Organization (USA); Sister Vivine Abena, All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (England); Osei Bandele, USA; Jumoke D. Abrahams, Traditionalist; and Elder Ma Shanti, Rastafari. .

The Summit was only the second of a series of annual summits to unify the African Diaspora with Africa. The first Summit was held at Clarke Atlanta University (CAU) in Atlanta, Georgia. Some key leaders and participants of the 2006 Summit were Dr. Shelby Lewis, Africa Advisor & Consultant; Dr. Asa Hilliard, Vice President of the ASCAC; Charles Barron, NY City Council/former Black Panther Party; Joe Beasley, RainbowPush Coalition/Africa Ascension; Traditional High Priest Wande Abimbola of Nigeria; Cardinal Mbuyi Chui, Shrine of the Black Madonna/Pan African Orthodox Christian Church (PAOCC); Njeri Algahnee, National Coalition Of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA)/Rastafari Movement, Dr. Jewel Crawford, Global African Congress; Joe Kumasi, WHADN/PAOC; Sobukwe Shakura, the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP); Prince Rahm, African Hebrew Israelites; and Atty. Mzee Tate, Concern Black Clergy of Atlanta; Nana Prempe, UNIA. Additionally, representatives of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Republic of New Africa, NAACP, Progressive National Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church, USA, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, etc. have participated and supported the PAM Summit.

The Summit in Jamaica was also the celebration of the 107th anniversary of the first Pan Africanism at the Conference and Congress in July 1900 in England. The 1900 Conference was the first bold attempt by Pan Africanists to build a blueprint for a global coordinated movement for the liberation and reunification of Africans. The 1900 Conference was also a response to the 1885 Berlin Conference, when European imperialist powers formed an alliance for the complete control of African people and Africa’s resources. Finally, the Summit in Jamaica was a continuation of the recent work of Dr. John Henrik Clarke whose prophetic warning calls for Africans to unite around the vision of “Pan Africanism or Perish.

Nana Farika Birhane, former delegate of both the 6th and 7th Pan African Congresses and Co-convener of the 2007 Summit stated African Diaspora leaders are ready to forge Africans forward because “Pan Africanism and the conditions of Africans demand action now.” Reverend Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta, Founder of the RHAWPAM Summit calls the summit result “a fulfilment of the prophetic promises of our ancestors to rebuild Africa’s broken walls, to free the African captives in everyplace and to lead in ushering in the beloved African community.” Dr. Atta is a veteran African activist and former Instructor of African Sacred Heritage and a Member of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellows. 

For more information and to participate or support ISAWU and the next major meeting in South America, please contact - 876-935-8818, or

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