Conspiracy against black males?

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Conspiracy On Black Males?
What do we mean by the word “conspiracy” and just who are the conspirators? First of all it must be noted that a conspiracy is something that does not have to be spoken on by a board of people in agreement. I’m more than sure that the Europeans who came to America didn’t sit down at a table together and say; ” lets destroy all the Indians or indigenous people,” but they got it done. We can therefore conclude that it was an unspoken conspiracy that was easier to be acted on than spoken on.
I am equally sure that all the European nations and people did not sit down together and say; “lets go down there and enslave all the African people”. Again, it was an unspoken conspiracy that was easier to be acted upon than spoken upon. The question now becomes, is there a comspiracy to destroy black boys? In my latter days of ignorance I would have said no. There would have been a myriad of questions coming out of my mouth regarding the idea that anything like that existed. Even as I look back on my youth it becomes hard for me to see that there were indeed forces and powers that were molding me, de-humanizing me, miseducating me and controlling my social and self outlook in a world where I believed I was my own captain.
Sadly, I never saw that my socialization and up-bringing by my parents was equally controlled because they were controlled, and as such, they passed down to me something that I thought was normal. How was I to know or see that doors would be shut, locked and closed in my face all because I was young and black? How was I to know that opportunities would be denied to me that were not denied to other groups of people? How was I to know that if I excelled in the best of everything that the European school system had to teach me that I would become something other than an extension of our people?
So why is there a conspiracy to destroy black boys? The most obvious answer is because, “in destroying black boys the dominant society does not have to worry about the “black men that we will never become”. If we never grow to become the black men we should be, then the structure of the dominant and oppressive society can sleep and rest easy without any fear or threat to its structure or system. Think about that for a minute. Furthermore, if we never grow to become the Black men we should be, we will subconsciously aid in the destruction of our own family structure and people by growing to become black males instead of black men. It therefore becomes a thing of logic that the best way to prevent a possible future problem is by destroying it in its early stages of development. Thus; “The Conspiracy To Destroy Black males”.
In the work of Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu entitled; “Countering the Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys”, Sekou Toure who was the president of Guinea described a certain form of conditioning known as “the science of dehumanization”, which he describes as “the process of indoctrinating you against yourself.” In a white male dominated society only the black male is perceived as a threat and as such, must be controlled, supressed, denied or destroyed. In a white male dominated society, it was the white male who was the best in boxing, the best in football, the best in basketball, the best in baseball, the best in golf and as such, the best in “economics”.
Black men have made the leap in being the best in every area except the last one. The last one is the foundation of this society and its globally extended fingers. The last one is the root of their control and manipulation in every other structure that they have and control. In a sense it is the “holy grail” that must be protected at all and any cost. Thus “The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys”…black boys who must never become black men to compete with them in international affairs. Black men who must never grow to compete with them on Wall Street or in the banking institutions or in anything else that could possibly become the beginning of their demise or downfall from their present status…Thus “The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys”…not because they don’t like boys; for we all know too well that they do, but because they understand that “black boys must never grow up to become Black Men”.
By Keita Otiba Kenyatta

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