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Slavery, American Style, Must Go

This is the dilemma facing Obama. How can he truly introduce measures to end exploitation and poverty when this is the oil that keeps the capitalist machine running? If you end exploitation and poverty you also end capitalism and that is not what the...

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Obama and the Black Church

Perhaps if African people think about how and when they got Jesus, maybe they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about him. Dr. Amos Wilson explains perfectly when, why and how our people got religion in this short clip and as he says we need to start reorienting...

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Venezuela sending aid to Zimbabwe

Thank you Mr. Chavez for not believing the hype. Hort http://www.talkzimb abwe.com/ news/117/ ARTICLE/4012/ 2009-01-03. html Venezuela sending aid to Zimbabwe Ralph Mutema Sat, 03 Jan 2009 VENEZUELA is sending food, water and medicine to Zimbabwe to help...

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