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Racist attacks rise in Canada

Black community needs full support (May 31, 2007) So how safe does Waterloo Region feel? The answer, it seems, depends on the colour of your skin. For most of the 500,000 people who call it home, the region is as safe and welcoming as a baby's blanket....

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Zimbabwe still under attack

http://lalkar. org/issues/ contents/may2007/zimbabwe.php The independence of Zimbabwe under attack yet again Every year or so, the British state and its friends in the press descend into an excited frenzy of anticipation, thinking that the downfall of...

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Honouring our martyred ancestors

Slaves who died at sea being honored By BRUCE SMITH, Associated Press Writer Sat Jun 9, 6:06 AM ET Eighteen years ago, Tony Akeem organized a ceremony in New York City to honor the millions of Africans who died crossing the Atlantic during the slave trade....

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